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Latte 3D printer empowers coffee scene


Consumption upgrades have brought specialty coffee into the public's vision. However, specialty coffee players are constantly expanding the boundaries of coffee and tapping the social and community value brought by the multiplication of "people, goods, and markets". In July of this year, Aika Technology launched a new gameplay: A-carla printer. Apply 3D printing technology to coffee drinking scenes, increase consumer interaction behavior, and form spontaneous communication potential on social media.

The use process is also very simple

1. Scan the QR code to upload pictures

First you need to scan the QR code next to the machine, and then upload the picture you want to print

2. Adjust the data

Place the coffee you want to print in the middle of the machine, and then adjust the brightness and contrast on the machine screen to make the printed patterns clearer and more vivid. Can't adjust? It doesn't matter, Xiao Ka is right by your side to help you.

3. Finish the garland

This printer has the following two characteristics:

3D printing technology. Through 3D printing technology, the machine can recognize the height of the cup and the size of the cup mouth, so there are many kinds of printable products. In addition to cafes, milk tea shops (milk covered tea), bars (craft beer) and cake shops are all scenes where this printer can be used. The ink cartridge is developed by the ACUP team. The materials are all edible. One ink cartridge can print 400 cups. A patent has been applied for.

Latte 3D printer empowers coffee scene

Small size and fast speed. Machines are expensive and low-frequency, and independent coffee shops usually do not consider purchasing them separately. Therefore, ACUP adopts a shared method. Because the size is small and does not take up space, the coffee shop does not charge rent. After the customer buys the coffee, the photo is printed on the machine by themselves, and it can be completed in 20 seconds. For cafes, entertainment and social needs have also effectively transformed the flow of people entering the store.

In the comprehensive space of Cafe All, ACUP not only brings together more than a dozen independent brands to provide C-end customers with freshly ground coffee and appliance sales, but also adds catering, book bars, and retail to try to connect “lifestyle” with “specialty coffee”. So far, Cafe All has 5000-8000 customers visiting the store every month, the consumption conversion rate can reach 80%, the comprehensive turnover rate of catering and coffee is 4 times a day, and it has achieved good profitability.

Zhou Ying said that the operation and maintenance cost of the machine is very low, because the software can be upgraded remotely. The printer costs 6,800 yuan. It needs to be an iteration of the machine in 2-3 years. According to the existing passenger flow and conversion rate, the return on investment cycle is calculated. In about 6 months. In addition, because the printer operation process lasts for tens of seconds, the LED screen of the body is also an advertising entrance.

In terms of customer acquisition, the first cup of membership is free to attract new customers. Because coffee + picture printing has social attributes and spread points, most users are willing to post photos on social platforms, which in itself is a kind of marketing. At the same time, the company will also cooperate with some topic activities to keep the heat up. According to the previous product test, users are not sensitive to the 1.99 yuan printing price, and the willingness to pay is relatively high.

Whether the product can maintain its lasting appeal, Zhou Ying said that consumers do experience aesthetic fatigue. In order to solve this problem, ACUP plans to accumulate users by spreading out printer outlets in the early stage, and through Internet marketing, iterative machine usage scenarios, the printer will be made into an entertainment product to meet the constantly updated needs of consumers; when the number of users reaches a certain scale, Consider using community operations to achieve the precise push of content and advertisements to activate traffic.

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