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Sales of metal 3D printing systems soared by nearly 80%


The latest report shows that the total sales of metal 3D printing systems in 2017 was 1,768 sets, while sales in 2016 were only 983 sets, an increase of nearly 80%. The sales of metal 3D printing systems have soared, and with it the demand for process supervision and quality assurance has increased. Today, more and more global manufacturers are beginning to realize the advantages of metal parts produced by additive manufacturing.

Sales of metal 3D printing systems soared by nearly 80%

In addition, in 2017, there were 135 companies worldwide that produced and sold industrial-grade 3D printing systems priced higher than US$5,000, compared with 97 companies in 2016. In the past year, more and more new system manufacturers have entered the additive manufacturing market. They not only provide faster printing equipment, but also open source materials platforms at more competitive prices.

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