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Developed a new type of brass


According to foreign media reports, according to a 2016 study, 56% of Australian households are consuming drinking water that contains lead-this is largely due to brass pipes, which allow lead to seep into the water. However, a new lead-free brass alloy may help solve this problem. If the human body consumes a large amount of lead, it can cause health problems such as anemia and weakness, as well as damage the kidneys and brain.

Developed a new type of brass

In most brass pipes (especially old ones), it will be embedded in the entire material in the form of tiny spheres. Although they enter the water supply system, their existence has certain advantages, that is, they can provide lubrication to make the brass easier to be processed and also allow the brass fixture to form a watertight seal after installation.

Now, a research team led by Dr. Kevin Laws of the University of New South Wales in Australia has developed a new type of brass-bright copper. In this kind of brass, the lead spheres are replaced by particles of another material, which form inside the brass after casting and cooling.

Although the researchers did not disclose the specific identity of this secret material, it is said that it can provide the lubricity of lead without causing toxic effects on the human body. It is reported that the production of this material can be carried out in an existing factory, and the final product is silver, which can help people distinguish visually.

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