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New development and new opportunities for modified engineering plastics


Since entering the 21st century, with the stable and healthy development of the national economy, China's modified plastics have also achieved leapfrog development. However, restricted by technical factors, the current domestic modified plastic products are still mainly low-end products, and high-end products mainly rely on imports. However, with the continuous update and development of domestic modification companies' technology, domestic modification companies are slowly opening the road of independent research and development, and high-performance modified plastics technology is becoming more and more mature.

New development and new opportunities for modified engineering plastics

It is understood that compared with the development of the modified plastics industry in foreign markets, the proportion of plastics and steel used in the economic development of Germany is 63:37, that of the United States is 70:30, and the world average level has reached 50:50, while China's modified plastics industry has started. Lately, the current plastic steel application ratio is only 30:70, which is far lower than the average level of developed countries and the world. Therefore, the country actively advocates "plastics instead of steel" and the development of lightweight automobiles. In recent years, the new material industry has become one of the key industries supported by the state.

At present, the application of modified plastics in the field of home appliances and automobiles in my country accounts for more than 50%. Therefore, the development of the home appliance and automobile industries will have a greater impact on the market demand for modified plastics. It is also important for the development of the modified plastics industry in recent years. One of the fields. With the development of the new energy automobile industry and the continuous improvement of domestic modified plastics technology, the impact of the development of the home appliance and automobile industries on the modified plastics industry will gradually decrease. The development of the emerging new energy industry has become a hot spot for major modified plastics companies. For example, in recent years, high-end industries such as drones, AI intelligence, and robots are constantly pouring into the market, becoming new business opportunities for the modified plastics industry.

Huashida Engineering Plastics has focused on modification and research and development of various high-performance modified materials for 20 years. Its products have been used in many areas of life, including high-performance materials such as new energy wind wheels and new energy charging guns. Providing environmentally friendly green materials and actively independent research, development and innovation has been the purpose of Huashida for 20 years. In an era when new opportunities continue to emerge, Hustar Engineering Plastics will firmly seize the opportunity and concentrate on shaping the future.

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