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Research and develop a new type of laser sintering 3D printer


On October 31, Heilongjiang Northeast Forestry University announced that the new 3D printer developed by Guo Yanling's team from the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of the school will soon be put on the market. , More companies will also enjoy the profound changes brought about by high-tech industries such as medical care, education, and industrial casting.

Research and develop a new type of laser sintering 3D printer

Two years ago, Guo Yanling learned through a market survey that there are less than 800 industrial-grade domestic laser sintering printers that can use biomass materials in China. Although some non-laser sintering 3D printers are cheap, they are not effective and have high performance. Industrial-grade laser sintered printers with high-precision printing capabilities can cost anywhere from five to six million yuan to several million yuan, which discourages many companies.

In the past two years, Guo Yanling's team has continuously developed three generations of 3D printers, independently developed software systems such as intelligent optimization of process parameters, and softwareized some hardware functions to ensure high accuracy while greatly reducing costs. The third-generation desktop laser sintering 3D printer has the functions of an industrial machine and the price of a desktop machine. Because the printed parts do not need support, the printing accuracy is high. After post-processing, its mechanical strength can be comparable to wood, polymer, ceramics and other materials. , You can freely print out objects with any complex structure, which are widely used in medical, education, industrial casting, and artwork production.

Guo Yanling’s team also mixes wood flour, bamboo flour, fruit husks, straws, rice husks and other agricultural and forestry wastes with resin materials in proportion to process them into 3D printing raw materials, turning these "wastes" into treasures, which are called "the fourth category." Laser sintering consumables. "The fourth category" laser sintering consumables not only have low carbon, energy-saving and environmental protection, but also greatly reduce the cost of 3D printing consumables. The current selling price is 80 yuan per kilogram, while the selling price of imported nylon materials on the market is five to six hundred per kilogram. Yuan.

Academician Li Jian of the Chinese Academy of Engineering spoke highly of him, naming the "fourth type" of laser sintering consumables as biomass multi-composite 3D printing consumables, and predicts that this consumable will replace polymer materials in many application fields in the future, with huge market potential and society benefit.

It is reported that the third-generation 3D printer developed by Guo Yanling's team has only similar scientific research projects at home and abroad under study, and the market sales are still blank. At present, the equipment is undergoing software and mechanical debugging and industrial modeling design. Although it has not really been put on the market, many companies have already heard the news and are waiting for opportunities to gain the upper hand. Among them, many American companies are focusing on it.

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