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Development of 3D printing ultra-high performance heat exchanger, heat resistance increased by 250 ℃


According to news on April 17, GE Research is advancing a project through the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA-E), hoping to develop high-temperature, high-pressure and ultra-compact heat exchangers through additive manufacturing technology. GE worked with the University of Maryland and Oak Ridge National Laboratory to develop an ultra-high performance heat exchanger that can operate at temperatures exceeding 1,650°F and pressures> 3,600 psi. This new type of heat exchanger can achieve cleaner and more efficient power generation on existing and next-generation power plant platforms.

Development of 3D printing ultra-high performance heat exchanger, heat resistance increased by 250 ℃

Peter deBock, the chief thermal engineer of GE Research and the project leader of the ARPA-E award, said that the team’s unique skill set will produce a new heat exchanger design that breaks new efficiency barriers. "We are using our deep knowledge in metals and thermal management to apply it in an unprecedented way through the power of 3D printing. With 3D printing, we can now achieve new design architectures that were not possible before. This will allow us to create A "UPHEAT" device that can operate economically and efficiently at temperatures 250°C (450°F) higher than current heat exchangers.

deBock pointed out that the heat exchanger functions similarly to the human lungs. "The lungs are the ultimate heat exchangers that circulate the air you breathe to maintain the best performance of your body while regulating your body's temperature. The heat exchangers in power generation equipment like gas turbines basically perform the same function, but at higher levels. Under high temperature and pressure. Through additive manufacturing, GE and the University of Maryland will now explore more complex biological shapes and designs to achieve gradual changes in heat exchanger performance, thereby achieving higher efficiency and lower emissions.

The new heat exchanger will utilize a unique high-temperature and crack-resistant nickel superalloy, specifically designed for the additive manufacturing process of the GE research team. Oak Ridge National Laboratory will use its well-known expertise in corrosion science to test and verify the long-term performance of materials. After completion, the heat exchanger will improve the thermal efficiency of the indirect heating power cycle, such as supercritical carbon dioxide (sCO2) Brayton power generation, reducing energy consumption and emissions. In addition, heat-resistant heat exchangers provide new opportunities for advanced aerospace applications.

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