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How 3D printers can improve the performance of ships


3D printers have brought a lot of convenience to our lives, whether in the fields of education, industry, medical treatment or construction. Today, we will tell you about the application of 3D printers in the shipbuilding industry. Recently, Naval Group and Centrale Nantes have developed a project to improve ship performance, making full use of 3D printing and digital manufacturing to improve ship performance.

How 3D printers can improve the performance of ships

Naval Group and Centrale Nantes launched this 3D printing blade system for the Horizon 2020 (H2020) project RAMSSES (Realization and Demonstration of Advanced Materials Solutions for Sustainable and Efficient Ships). The purpose of this plan is to demonstrate the advantages of advanced materials and find new solutions for shipbuilding.

The main goal of the program is to improve the ship’s projection. Using 3D printers to print relatively large parts, such as propellers with a diameter of 6 meters and 300 kilograms, is something that traditional manufacturing techniques cannot do.

They first used WAAM technology or Wire Arc technology for 3D printing to 3D print a stainless steel third-scale hollow blade demonstrator. The robotic welding arm uses an arc plasma beam on the metal wire material to create 3D objects. You can also use this 3D printing technology to print on existing surfaces.

The printing process takes less than one hundred hours. 3D printing technology is increasingly used in the shipbuilding industry. In particular, we can see the increasing application of metal 3D printing in naval engineering, aviation or aerospace and other fields.

In the past few years, we can see the increasing demand for 3D printers, and 3D printer manufacturers are constantly updating and releasing more and more machines that can print larger volumes. The use of such large-scale 3D printers is particularly obvious in the field of construction. Construction-scale 3D printing provides life to excellent construction projects, and even some structures can be directly printed in a part using an impressive printer with a robotic arm.

3D printing technology is still developing rapidly, and all its advantages are now visible in different fields. It optimizes the way we build houses or ships, and it also improves the product itself. The future of 3D printing technology seems to be constantly innovating and continuous every day. The land is depended on by people.

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