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Break through the bottleneck of magnesium alloy 3D printing technology!


On March 27th, the Shekht Manno Prize New Materials Research Institute was unveiled in Xi’an High-tech Zone. This is the first research institute in Shaanxi Province that has been established with the participation of Nobel Prize winners in the field of natural sciences. It is a project jointly developed by Nobel Prize winner Professor Dan Shechtman (Dan Shechtman) team, Xi'an University of Technology and Founders Space, the founder of Xi'an.

Break through the bottleneck of magnesium alloy 3D printing technology!

On the morning of November 8, 2018, the signing ceremony of the "Shekht Manno Prize New Materials Research Institute" was held at the Qujiang International Conference Center. Present at the signing ceremony were Jin Chunyang, Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Xi’an High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Professor Dan Shechtman, President Li Xiaolian of Xi’an University of Technology, and Mr. Zeng Fanhong, Chairman of Xi’an Founders Space Co., Ltd., on-site A consensus has been reached on the landing of the "Shekht Manno Prize New Materials Research Institute" and will help the academic exchange platform and achievement transformation of magnesium alloy 3D printing.

Magnesium alloy is the lightest material among metal engineering structural materials, and its application in the world has been increasing day by day in recent years. Low density, high specific stiffness, high specific strength, excellent shock absorption, stability, electromagnetic shielding, and environmental protection are the characteristics of magnesium alloys. However, magnesium alloys are prone to defects such as porosity, slag inclusion, cracks and pores during casting, which seriously affect the final performance of the material after processing and forming, and hinder its wide application.

The establishment of the institute in Xi’an High-tech Zone is conducive to the development of Shaanxi Province’s advantages in the field of magnesium resources. The research on the development of new materials for rapid solidification, high strength and toughness 3D printing of magnesium alloys will be carried out in the fields of biomedicine, automotive lightweighting, and aerospace. The applied basic research is very beneficial. It is bound to expand the application of magnesium alloys in the aircraft, military, and biomedical fields in Shaanxi, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of related industries in Shaanxi, and accelerate the pace of military-civilian integration in Shaanxi.

Professor Shechtman talked about his historical relationship with Xi’an on the spot. He said that the institute will take into account high-level theoretical research, industrialization research and breakthroughs in key technologies. It will solve the current bottleneck of global magnesium alloy 3D printing technology and cooperate with the magnesium The development of the industry forms a joint force to promote Shaanxi's research and technology in the field of magnesium alloys to be at the forefront of China and the world.

Dan Shechtman, born in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1941, Israeli, theoretical physicist, winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2011, now professor of Engineering Materials Department of Israel Institute of Technology, academician of American Academy of Sciences and American Academy of Engineering, Europe Academician of the Academy of Sciences, Academician of the Israeli Academy of Sciences.

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