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3D printing technology to manufacture smart clothing fabrics


In previous articles, we mentioned that 3D printing technology is widely used in the fashion industry, from 3D printed shoes, fabrics to specialized jewelry design, 3D printing technology to achieve the ultimate wearing comfort is loved by more people gaze. In this article, we will further look forward to the future and discuss the most interesting fabric project printed by a smart 3D printer. By 2020, the market value of this revolutionary technology is expected to increase to 4.72 billion US dollars. In what way will it change the future of the clothing and fashion industry?

3D printing technology to manufacture smart clothing fabrics

What if we made clothes into our second artificial skin and reacted to what we saw? Behnaz Farahi accepted this creative idea and created a 3D printed wearable device based on the user's perception and the user's feelings. This project called Cares of the Gaze explores the gaze-driven and realistic behavior of fabrics. She wants to make a fabric that is both smart and can interact with people.

Farahi's project is impressive. "Bodyscape" combines 3D printer technology with LED lights triggered by body movements. Thanks to flexible 3D printing technology, she can produce smart materials with abstract structures that can change shapes according to human behavior.

Tamicare is a Manchester-based company that revolutionized the industry by providing highly flexible and recyclable mass-produced 3D printed textiles. Their innovative technology can seamlessly manufacture raw materials without wasting them, and even add conductive materials to textiles.

Let's take a sports shoe as an example. It may take 100 different steps to make it. Because 3D printed wiring and smart fashion sensors or health monitoring items can be 3D printed together with textiles at the same time. So Tamicare's CosyFlex 3D printing technology can reduce this number to three.

Co-founder and CTO Ehud Giloh commented: “Sports shoes may require more than a hundred separate operations in the manufacturing process, but Cosyflex® reduces it to three, as do many other complex designs. This allows the company to More sports shoes are produced in the same time period."

3D printing also allows the company to explore new natural materials, such as graphene, which is absolutely allowed in the industry because it is the lightest and strongest material found so far. Any of these layers can be textiles, polymers, latex or printed electronics, which allows us to design smart textiles with complete freedom.

As you can see, the smart fabric industry is gradually developing many projects. From clothes that can interact with people you see and move according to your actions, to conductive sensors integrated into the fabric. These innovative ideas can not only be carried out in the fashion industry, but also can be pioneered in the field of health care. Devices used for health monitoring, such as blood pressure, heart rate, etc., are usually electric. If they can be implemented in a piece of clothing, what will happen to constantly measuring our health?

We may not have 3D printed smart fabrics yet, but we have also had an interesting impact on the fashion industry through the Virus project. You can even start using 3D printer technology! Because it is as easy as uploading 3D files to our online 3D printing service, or contact the relevant salesperson to answer any questions you have.

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