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What is high speed machining?

"High Speed“ Meaning 

High speed cnc machining is a way for a spindle tool to machine a workpiece at very high rotational speeds.

High speed machining applications

At present, there is no clear definition of high-speed machining in various countries, and the cutting with a cutting speed higher than the conventional speed of 5 to 10 times is called high-speed machining. Mainstream to use high productivity of high speed cnc machining to reduce parts costs now. High-speed machining is generally only applied to the final finishing, especially in hardened die steel applications.
high speed machining components

high speed machining applications
What kind of machine can high speed machining?

CNC machined parts are designed for high speed operation

High-speed machining of CNC machines due to their operation,the spindle runs very fast,Therefore, its machine structure is required to have high rigidity.At the same time, it can absorb vibration during high-speed motion,This ensures the accuracy and stability of high speed machining.

Excellent CNC control system

As the command issuing unit of each cnc parts of the machine tool, the CNC system requires the instructions to be accurately and quickly transmitted to all parts. After post-machining, the corresponding position command is made to the spindle.

PTJ high speed machining materials

High speed machining titanium 

PTJ high-speed machining of titanium alloy parts  requires custom-made milling cutters. The rake angle, back angle and helix angle of the cutting edge are specific because the thermal conductivity of the titanium alloy is not good and the processing heat is absorbed by the tool. Therefore, it is necessary to use a good heat-dissipating milling cutter when machining parts.

High speed machining 304 stainless steel

Stainless steel high speed machining is 1 of the advantages of PTJ hardware. If you want to know more, you can ask customer service.
High speed machining machine


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high speed machining parts

high speed machining components
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