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Along with providing Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining services for aluminum,steel, and copper, we also have the capability to provide this service for titanium. PTJ Inc. is one of the most experienced service providers of titanium CNC machining.
In terms of lead time and material savings, The price advantage of Chinese manufacturers is extremely obvious.
1. Titanium raw materials are 15% lower than other countries.
2, the processing procedure is more simplified, Dongguan-style cluster processing reduces costs and delivery time.
The following is our case of titanium processing,PTJ can do any parts,we hope to get your inquiry, the salesman will reply immediately.
Go Titanium parts:

machined titanium parts  

  Titanium Auto Parts        
  shift-handle Titanium car column Car connecting rod Motor shaft  
  Shift handle Titanium car column Car connecting rod Motor shaft  
  Process:cnc milling+plating Process:cnc milling+plating Process:cnc milling+plating Process:cnc turning+milling+plating  
  Application:auto fittings Application:car parts Application:auto components Application:car parts  
  Titanium Bike Parts        
  titanium bike parts titanium-bicycle-parts Titanium-alloy-frame Titanium alloy bike put  
  titanium bike parts-frame titanium bicycle parts Titanium alloy frame Titanium alloy bike put  
  Process:cnc milling+anodizing Process:3 axis cnc milling+anodizing Process:3 axis cnc milling+anodizing Process:4 axis cnc milling+anodizing  
  Application:frame Application:Hanging ear Application:frame Application:bike put  
  Titanium Machinery Parts        
  custom-titanium-parts large-titanium-parts Laser-radar-components TC4 TA2 titanium workpiece  
  Custom titanium parts Large titanium parts Cnc aluminum machining parts Cnc aluminum alloy parts  
  Process:post cnc milling Process:cnc milling+anodizing Process:cnc milling+anodizing Process:cnc turning+milling+anodizing  
  Application:machinery parts Application:machine components Application:machinery parts Application:led equipment parts  
  Custom Titanium Medical Parts        
  Titanium flange titanium-Medical-parts titanium-alloy-Medical-parts custom-titanium-Medical-parts  
  Titanium flange Titanium Medical parts titanium alloy Medical parts Custom Medical parts  
  Process:lathing+plating Process:cnc milling Process:cnc turning+milling+plating Process:cnc turning+milling+anodizing  
  Application:small parts Application:medical equipment Application:Beauty instrument parts Application:oral cleaner machine parts  
  Titanium Aviation Parts        
  Aviation interior parts Aviation-model-parts Aircraft-equipment-parts Titanium-aircraft-components  
  Aviation interior parts Aviation model parts Aircraft equipment parts Titanium aircraft components  
  Process:cnc milling+powder coating Process:cnc turning+milling Process:cnc milling Process:cnc milling  
  Application: interior Application:aviation model Application:aircraft components Application:aircraft parts  

  Why are you looking for us to serve you?      
  1、Our classification of titanium materials is very clear.
  The commonly used CNC machined titanium models are:TC3, TC4, TC5, TC9, TC10, etc.
  We strictly follow the customer's drawings and intentions to produce the products without changing the material models..
  2、PTJ hardware Inc., is china cnc machined factory
  We have a significant advantage in price for machining low-end&Mid-end products.
  Our services include precision machining, CNC milling and turning, rapid prototyping, Wire EDM, and additional assembly.
  3、PTJ defining artisan spirit is to rapid give the good finished products to the customers, so that the quality of the PTJ processing parts can go global.  
  More product,please click case studies!  

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