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Sino-U.S. scientific research team 3D printed liquid magnet with permanent magnetism


On July 22, the reporter learned that the Chinese and American researchers used all-liquid-phase 3D printing technology to prepare a new type of magnetic droplet, which has both liquid fluidity and permanent magnetism. It provides a new way for magnetically controlled liquid robots to deliver drugs.

Sino-U.S. scientific research team 3D printed liquid magnet with permanent magnetism

At the nanometer level, the traditional ferromagnetic fluid itself does not have magnetic poles, and only when it is continuously magnetized under the action of an external magnetic field can it exhibit specific magnetism. But research published in the latest issue of the American journal Science shows that this new magnetic droplet material can behave like a solid magnet without an external magnetic field and still looks like a liquid.

Researchers from Beijing University of Chemical Technology, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory under the U.S. Department of Energy and other institutions used all-liquid-phase 3D printing technology to "print" ferrofluid droplets with a diameter of about 1 mm. The droplet contains a large number of iron oxide nanoparticles with a diameter of 20 nanometers. Magnetic measurements show that about 1 billion nanoparticles are "squeezed together", and they exhibit magnetism under the excitation of magnetic coils. These outer nanoparticles transfer the magnetic orientation to the nanoparticles in the core of the droplet, making the entire droplet permanent magnetism.

Researchers use all-liquid 3D printing and microfluidic molding technology to create magnetic droplets of any shape; after dividing them into smaller droplets, they can still maintain magnetic properties; the formed liquid can also be changed by changing the acid-base environment Realize reversible magnetization or demagnetization.

Due to its special physical properties, ferrofluids are currently used in electronic equipment, medical equipment, mechanical engineering and material science research. This new type of ferromagnetic droplet is expected to be used in more scenarios in the future, such as magnetron robots that can target drug delivery in the human body, and steerable liquid microreactors.

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