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3D printed elevator button device was born


Mr. Zhao, a resident of Building No. 9 in the North Community of Haidian South Road, Haidian Street, Beijing, loves to delve into research on weekdays, and often makes brilliant inventions. During the epidemic, 3D printing technology was used to produce a "zero-touch elevator button device" for community elevators, which realized "zero-touch" and was convenient for residents to use.

"What's this? How to use it! I'm still a bit uncomfortable." "Great, I feel more at ease with this." "Teaching us old men and women, it's really novel." "Good! Good! Now it's really true. The high-tech era!" "This was invented by Aunt Wei's son to serve the people."

3D printed elevator button device was born

In the face of the sudden epidemic, Haidian South Road North Community, Haidian Street responded quickly. While strengthening the management of community entry and exit personnel, it also actively carried out the elimination of public parts of the community. In order to reduce the risk of residents taking the elevator, the community was in each elevator Papers are attached to prevent residents from directly touching the elevator buttons.

During the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus, most elevators, as an important tool for security and travel, did not stop operating. However, elevators have small space, many passengers, and are easily polluted. How should we protect ourselves, be responsible to others, and ride safely and orderly? Where's the elevator? I will tell you today.

1. Residents living on low floors should take the elevator as much as possible to reduce the frequency of elevator rides and reduce the probability of infection.

2. Strengthen self-prevention, carry toilet paper (gloves) with you, and press the elevator button through the toilet paper (gloves). Dispose of toilet paper (gloves) properly after use.

3. When waiting for the elevator, stand on both sides of the hall door, do not get too close to the hall door, and do not face the passengers walking out of the elevator car. After the passengers get out of the car, press and hold the button outside the elevator hall to prevent the elevator from closing, and wait for a while before entering the elevator.

4. When taking the elevator, you must wear masks and gloves, touch the buttons and handrails in the elevator car as little as possible, and don't lean against the car wall; don't stay in the car.

5. Try to avoid taking the elevator with multiple strangers, and wait patiently for the next elevator if you have plenty of time.

6. There must be at least 20 to 30 centimeters of space between people in the elevator. Reduce personnel contact. When standing, the directions should be staggered, not face to face.

7. Try not to use the elevator to carry items, and reduce the contact of your belongings with the elevator car.

8. After taking the elevator, wash your hands and disinfect in time.

9. When people in the building have fever, it is best not to take the elevator, and try not to go out if there is no special thing during the epidemic.

Mr. Zhao, a resident of Building No. 9 of the community, loves to delve into research on weekdays, and often produces amazing small inventions. Watching the community work day and night for the epidemic prevention and control work, and watching the mother actively invite Ying to join the community volunteer team to guard the safety of the community, it has strengthened Mr. Zhao's determination to do something for the community epidemic prevention and control work.

So an idea came into being: to make a "zero-touch elevator button device" for community elevators, which can not only avoid the risk of cross-infection caused by riding the elevator, but also save the cost of buying paper, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone.

Now that he has a good idea, Mr. Zhao immediately acted to give full play to his strengths while using high-tech production methods-3D printing technology. After many tests and transformations, this relatively mature "zero-touch elevator button device" was finally completed. He showed his invention to the community and property staff for the first time, and received unanimous support and praise from everyone. He also used the residents’ rest time to install the equipment. In order to facilitate the residents’ use, the community also specially printed and posted it. illustrate. "With a wave of my finger, I want to go to several floors." The keys like a piano keyboard are erected on the elevator buttons, and the elevator buttons have been pressed by just a light wave of the corresponding green points with your fingers. , The whole process truly achieved "zero contact". Residents were very happy to see this "new technology", and they all lamented the convenience brought by high technology. Finally, everyone no longer has to worry about touching the elevator buttons.

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