Alumina coating can protect the positive electrode of lithium-ion battery

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Alumina coating can protect the positive electrode of lithium-ion battery


According to foreign media reports, Rice University postdoctoral researcher Anulekha Haridas used the constructed lithium-ion battery to test the impact of alumina coating on the positive electrode. The nano coating can protect the positive electrode from degradation.

Researchers at Rice University's Brown School of Engineering applied a thin layer of aluminum oxide to the ordinary positive electrode and found that this would make the battery performance of electric vehicles better and have more powerful isolation. Network energy storage capacity.

Alumina coating can protect the positive electrode of lithium-ion battery

The American Chemical Society described a previously unknown mechanism in a research report. Under this mechanism, lithium is trapped in the battery, limiting the number of charging and discharging at full power, but this does not make people lose hope. Sibani Lisa Biswal, an engineer at the Rice Chemical and Biomolecular Laboratory, found an optimal point in the battery to provide a smooth cycle for related applications by not maximizing the storage capacity of the battery.

Biswal said that traditional lithium-ion batteries use graphite-based anodes with a capacity of less than 400mAh/g. In contrast, the potential capacity of the silicon negative electrode may be 10 times that of it. However, the silicon negative electrode also has drawbacks: when silicon is combined with lithium to form an alloy, the silicon will expand, putting pressure on the negative electrode. The team used porous silicon to build a battery and limited its capacity to 1000mAh/g. The results showed that the tested battery cycle is stable and can maintain a good capacity. Biswal said: "Maximizing capacity will put a lot of pressure on the material. This strategy can obtain capacity without generating the same pressure. 1000mAh/g is a big leap."

The team is led by postdoctoral researcher Anulekha Haridas. They tested the concept of matching large-capacity porous silicon anodes (instead of graphite) with high-voltage nickel-manganese-cobalt oxide (NMC) anodes. After hundreds of cycles, the lithium-ion full battery exhibits stable cyclability and a capacity of 1000 mAh/g. By atomic layer deposition, some positive electrodes are covered with a 3nm aluminum oxide layer, while others are not. The researchers found that in the presence of hydrofluoric acid, the aluminum oxide coating can prevent the positive electrode from decomposing. The formation of hydrofluoric acid is due to the intrusion of water (even a small amount of water) into the liquid electrolyte. Tests show that alumina can also speed up battery charging and reduce the number of charging and discharging.

Haridas said that lithium is rapidly transported in alumina and may be captured in large quantities. Researchers have discovered that silicon anodes can trap lithium in large quantities, making them unsuitable for power equipment. But this is the first report that alumina itself can absorb lithium until it is saturated. From this point of view, the layer can act as a catalyst to promote ion migration in the positive electrode. Haridas said: "This lithium capture mechanism can effectively protect the positive electrode and maintain a stable capacity and energy density for the entire battery."

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