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Human body wearable air-conditioning equipment produces new results


Can you imagine this scene? When you go out in the hot summer, a wearable air conditioner will follow you at any time. It can not only monitor blood pressure, cardiac electrical activity and skin hydration level, but also cool you down to prevent heat stroke. Recently, engineers at the University of Missouri designed a wearable air-conditioning device, and the research results were published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Human body wearable air-conditioning equipment produces new results

Different from the existing related concepts of similar products, the wearable air conditioner breathable and waterproof device can pass the personal air conditioner to the human body through a passive cooling process. The passive cooling process does not require electricity. Researchers believe that this can minimize the user's discomfort. .

Researchers from the University of Missouri claim that wearable air conditioners can reflect sunlight and reduce the body's heat absorption, while also allowing the subject to dissipate body heat and maintain the body temperature in a comfortable range. This is one of the first demonstrations of the emerging field of dermatology.

"Our device can reflect sunlight away from the person away from the body to reduce heat absorption, while allowing the body to dissipate body heat, thus allowing us to achieve cooling to about 11 degrees Fahrenheit of the human body during the day," said corresponding author Zheng Yan, Assistant Professor of the School of Engineering. "We believe this is one of the first demonstrations of this capability in the emerging field of dermatology."

It takes one to two years to design a wireless version, and the researchers hope that one day they can apply their technology to "smart" textile clothing. At present, the cooling is only concentrated in the specific area where the patch is located.

The application of this technology to the development of smart textiles enables the cooling capacity of the device to spread throughout the body. Passive cooling helps reduce electricity consumption and contributes to global warming.

The research "Multi-scale porous elastomer substrate for multifunctional skin electronic devices with passive cooling function" was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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