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YBCO superconducting bulk material 3D printing preparation technology has made new breakthroughs


High-temperature superconducting YBCO bulk materials have excellent performance in non-contact magnetic levitation, energy storage rotating machinery, quasi-permanent magnets, mixers, magnetic lenses, portable medical equipment, and filters due to their high critical temperature, high critical current density and high trapping magnetic field.

 There are broad application prospects in the development of new high-performance devices such as aircraft, aerospace navigation gyroscopes, and electromagnetic devices. Especially for the research and development of rotating machinery, aerospace navigation gyroscopes and portable medical devices, while maintaining superconductivity, the preparation of lightweight superconducting materials is a major goal pursued by such applications.

YBCO superconducting bulk material 3D printing preparation technology has made new breakthroughs

Recently, Zhou You and his team of professors from Lanzhou University proposed a green and environmentally friendly YBCO superconducting material high-precision direct writing 3D printing method, which solved the problem of non-Newtonian fluid ceramic slurry ratio and rheological control, and adopted low-temperature cold-casting microstructures. The control strategy overcomes the problem of sintering shrinkage and cracking of superconducting bulk materials, and realizes the efficient and controllable preparation of complex multi-scale multi-level, ultra-light superconducting bulk materials. Through performance characterization, the process parameters with the best performance are obtained.

The green slurry assisted by edible organic materials used in this new process exhibits excellent rheological properties and realizes the preparation of refined complex controllable structure YBCO bulk materials. In order to solve the problem of high shrinkage rate (originally up to 50%) faced by existing 3D printing ceramic materials, the proposed low-temperature cold casting strategy achieves the high shape retention of 3D printing superconducting materials, which is a high-quality YBCO superconducting bulk material. Precise preparation lays the foundation. At the same time, the time consumption of sintering and oxygen supplementation of this new process is greatly shortened than that of the traditional process, and the preparation efficiency of superconducting materials is improved.

According to reports, the porous, multi-scale, and multi-layer YBCO block produced by Zhou Youhe's team in 3D has a mass density of only 1.38 grams per cubic centimeter, which is the current international lowest value, which is about the traditional cold-pressed sintering process. 1/3 of the sample; the critical current density is about 3.15 times higher than that of the traditional sintering method.

It is known that the research results were published in "Advanced Functional Materials" under the title "Efficient Fabrication of Ultralight YBa2Cu3O7-x Superconductors with Programmable Shape and Structure".

The reviewer of the paper believes that the author has proposed an ingenious preparation method for 3D printed YBa2Cu3O7 superconducting ceramic bodies with advanced technology and potential for industrial applications. The superconductors prepared in this way can improve the critical current density and increase the crystallinity. The structure can be used as a navigation aid in the aerospace industry.

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