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Analysis of the dilemma of adopting 3D printing in the auto parts manufacturing industry


 3D printing in the auto parts manufacturing industry

In recent years, although news has continuously reported that 3D printing has made breakthroughs in the field of auto parts, it seems that 3D printing technology has developed extremely smoothly in the automotive industry, but in fact it is not. 3D printing technology is manufactured in the automotive industry. It is full of challenges everywhere.

3D printed auto models Although the automobile manufacturing industry was the first to introduce 3D printing technology for prototype manufacturing, due to the huge technical certification system of the automobile industry, complex supply chain methods, and extremely high manufacturing efficiency requirements, these factors make the industrialization of 3D printing quite a For the hardships.
The trap that caught the whole body and made it seem that some companies seem to experience the added value brought by 3D printing, how is it achieved.
Imagine a large manufacturing company with decades of experience working in a traditional way. All processes, equipment, training, and most importantly, budgets are focused on traditional processes. At this time, they will instinctively reject new ideas because of their short-term development of financial security.
Recognizing that more than half of these investments may need to be eliminated, and the future is a new and unknown risk. It is indeed a great courage to explore the “beachhead position” of the unknown world.
Integrating new manufacturing technologies into key manufacturing processes is a major task, because customers must continue to receive high quality products regardless of what happens in the plant. No manufacturer can stop the current production and explore the “beachhead position” of the unknown world. It is undeniable that uncertainty will always bring insecurity and overcome this problem because of unknown risks. The cash and resources required for the initial steps are sometimes so large that manufacturing companies are reluctant to continue such exploration.
This makes not only the supply chain an obstacle, but also the capital investment becomes another factor that makes the manufacturing industry fall into the trap of taking the lead.
Other aspects, including the talent available in the market, including the 3D printing certification system, are additional factors that make it difficult for manufacturing to open up to 3D printing technology.
However, this situation is slowly changing. Let's take a look at the aerospace industry. You will find that the industry has spent a lot of energy on 3D printing technology for many years. "Kung Fu pays off," and the aerospace industry has also been rewarded: the added value of lightweight parts can be directly translated into the competitiveness of manufacturing companies. For many other industries, there is no clear value-added chain of value-added creation.
In order to cope with the industrial revolution brought about by 3D printing, traditional manufacturing companies can try to establish a model of internal startups, on the one hand to ensure that the company's income sources are uninterrupted and sustainable; on the one hand, through the internal incubation solution, the original Parts that are difficult to implement or that are too costly are replaced by conventional manufacturing methods.

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