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The relationship between the mold industry and the standard parts industry


From the fourth quarter of 2015 to the first half of 2016, affected by the objective environment, the development speed of the fasteners industry may slow down, but starting from the third quarter of 201 The introduction of a series of development policies, etc., can promote the further development of the industry. And we must persist in innovation, adjustment and transformation, and continue to rely on key industries such as automobiles, new energy, aerospace, shipbuilding, urban transportation, IT, electronic appliances, and construction to accelerate the optimization and upgrade of fastener products, and promote fasteners The whole industry develops healthily and steadily.

The relationship between the mold industry and the standard parts industry

The relevant personnel of China Standard Parts Industry Network predicts that the total output of fasteners in 2016 is expected to reach about 6.8 million tons. But there is a process. Standard parts manufacturers should plan and consider from now on. Instead of investing funds in the repetitive production of low- and medium-grade products, they should use the funds for innovation and technological transformation, improve the level of intelligent equipment for enterprises, and upgrade online Detection level. At the same time, the fastener industry should also be based on the domestic market, promote dislocation competition, standardize market order, and oppose and stop low-price dumping.

In addition, the rate of return of funds should be accelerated, the scale of loans and investment should be strictly controlled, and more attention should be paid to the control of cash flow; changes in the European and American markets should be paid attention to, various trade protection measures should be actively responded to, and the export market should be stabilized. In 2016, its export situation was more severe. Therefore, fastener companies must have a clear understanding, pay attention to the adjustment of export regions, and explore South America, North America and Asia. It is reported that among more than 30,000 mold manufacturers, the output value of molds exceeds 100 million yuan. There are more than 20 enterprises, dozens of medium-sized enterprises with an output value of 50 million to 100 million yuan, and enterprises with an output value of about 20 million account for a large proportion. Due to the improvement of the overall mold level, the numerical control of mold processing equipment and the non-graphical design of molds have brought the entry threshold of mold companies to a higher level. Modern molds require the mold industry to speed up the pace of structural adjustment.

The development of the mold industry and other industries can be described as the interdependence of lips and teeth. Therefore, the improvement of the overall level of the mold industry is closely related to the development of related industries.

  • First of all, the uneven process conditions of domestic mold manufacturers have seriously affected the accuracy and quality of molds.
  • Secondly, the dilemma that the demand for mold talents is far greater than the supply needs to be changed urgently.
  • Third, the standardization level needs to be improved. China's mold standardization work started late, and the production, sales, promotion and application of standard parts are relatively backward. At present, the use coverage of mold standard parts is about 40%-45%, while it is generally higher than 79% internationally, and small and medium-sized molds are even more in More than 80%.
  • Fourth, we need to make persistent efforts to speed up the adjustment of mold product structure.
  • Fifth, the development of overseas markets needs to be deepened.
  • Sixth, it should become the general trend to promote the integration and reorganization of mold companies.
  • Seventh, increase investment to strengthen innovation capabilities.

In the past year, the automobile and equipment manufacturing industry has developed better than originally expected. The electronic information and other industries have continued to operate at a high speed. The domestic market has a strong demand for molds, especially plastic molds. In addition, domestic molds have strong competitiveness in low-end products, and the proportion of foreign users purchasing Chinese molds continues to increase. Industrial developed countries have accelerated the transfer of mold production to China, which has promoted the boom in production and demand. , The growth rate reached about 20%, maintaining a high-speed growth trend, which fully shows that the production and development of China's mold industry is gradually increasing step by step, and the pace of China's transformation into a "mold power" is becoming more and more solid.

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