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Key technologies for the synthesis and application of functional hyperbranched polymers


The wind power industry is a basic industry for the country's sustainable, green and healthy development, and high temperature resistant insulating resin is the key material to ensure the long-term stable operation of wind turbines. South-Central University for Nationalities and China Electrical New Materials Co., Ltd. have developed a functional hyperbranched polymer with independent intellectual property rights and a synthesis of high-temperature insulating resin for wind power, focusing on the major strategic needs of China's high-power wind power and breaking through the long-term monopoly of international giants. Technology won the first prize of technological invention.

Key technologies for the synthesis and application of functional hyperbranched polymers

The rapid development of China's wind power industry has greatly increased the demand for high-temperature insulation resin. However, the resin synthesis technology has been monopolized by European and American international giants for a long time, which has seriously restricted the healthy development of China's wind power industry. With the support of the National Torch Program and the National Natural Science Foundation of China, South-Central University for Nationalities and Suzhou Taihu Electrical New Materials Co., Ltd. have spent years of research and development and production practices in the synthesis of functional hyperbranched polymers and high-temperature insulating resins for wind power A number of innovations have been achieved.

The project team invented a low-viscosity hyperbranched polymer to solve the technical problems of traditional linear resins such as easy entanglement, high viscosity, and poor impregnation performance; invented the imidazole carboxylate-terminated hyperbranched polyester with dual functions of promoting and curing the latent properties Curing agent and high temperature resistant solvent-free insulating resin solve the problems of traditional insulating resins such as high viscosity, poor storage stability, serious environmental pollution, and low heat resistance; the homogeneous in-situ strengthening and toughening mechanism of hyperbranched polymers is proposed, which breaks The inherent concept that the strength and toughness of traditional linear thermosetting resins cannot be improved at the same time provides a theoretical basis for the explanation and analysis of the strengthening and toughening mechanism, and is of guiding significance for the design of high-performance resins with high toughness and high strength.

The project has also achieved a breakthrough in industrialization. A production line of hyperbranched polyester and high temperature resistant insulating resin for wind power has been built. The products have been widely used in well-known wind power companies such as CRRC Yongji. The profit is 900 million yuan. The results obtained 26 national invention patent authorizations, and 1 monograph was edited. 22 national and industry standards were drafted, and 4 products were listed as industrialization demonstration projects of the National Torch Program. The project results have promoted the technological progress and industrial upgrading of China's wind power insulation, played a leading and exemplary role, promoted social employment, and promoted the coordinated development of economy, society and ecology.

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