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Explain the first process of extruded aluminum processing technology-casting


As we all know, all kinds of metal products start from the smelting of metals. As the first process, its importance can be imagined. With the development of science and technology, all walks of life have higher and higher requirements for the quality of metal products, and more and more attention is paid to the metal smelting process.China Aluminum has a melting and casting workshop, which is mainly engaged in aluminum alloy melting and casting. It produces aluminum rods with qualified composition and organizational properties to meet the subsequent further processing requirements of aluminum profiles for doors, windows and curtain walls and industrial aluminum profiles.

Explain the first process of extruded aluminum processing technology-casting

The flow chart of the casting process is as follows:

batching → furnace loading → melting → stirring → blending gold → converter → fine blending gold → molten aluminum refining → precision filtration → casting → homogenization → sawing

Precautions for casting process node:

Aluminum ingots: Before production, according to different alloys and different yields of aluminum ingots, sufficient aluminum ingots, magnesium ingots, silicon ingots, copper ingots and auxiliary materials are equipped

Loading furnace: use a forklift to load aluminum ingots, compound ingots, and rod ends into the melting furnace

Melting: After adding enough material in the furnace, it is heated to 700-730℃ with natural gas, and then the aluminum ingot is melted into a liquid state

Refining: adding various paving additives to remove impurities in the aluminum water

Put the molten aluminum: remove the plug of the drain port at the bottom of the furnace, and release the molten aluminum

Casting: The aluminum liquid fills the splitter plate for 25-35 seconds and then turns on the cooling water. The casting speed is 70-80% of the normal speed, and the speed is raised to the normal speed after dropping by 40-50mm.

Homogenization: the aluminum rod is homogenized twice

Saw bar: Remove the irregular parts at the front and rear ends of the aluminum bar

Into the warehouse: Aluminium rods are bundled into the warehouse and placed

Generally speaking, aluminum casting is to turn liquid aluminum into finished or semi-finished products of aluminum ingots, bars or other shapes through the processes of batching, stirring, standing, refining, and slagging. Melting and casting production is an extremely important process in the production of aluminum and aluminum alloy products. The quality of ingots directly affects the yield, quality and performance of subsequent profile products.

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