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Different surface treatment and performance comparison of aluminum alloy profiles


Different surface treatment and performance comparison of aluminum alloy profiles


The colors of powder spraying and fluorocarbon spraying paint are diverse, while the color of electrophoretic paint is relatively monotonous, generally only the color of anodized oxidation in the past. On the surface, electrophoretic coating and fluorocarbon spray paint are much smoother than powder spraying, while electrophoretic coating maintains the stripes of the aluminum profile itself and can better reflect the true color of aluminum. Powder sprayed fluorocarbon spray paint completely covers the aluminum Matrix.


The gloss of anodized and fluorocarbon spray paint products is generally in the low-gloss range, powder coating can be selected from matte to high-gloss, and the gloss of electrophoretic paint is generally in the high-gloss range.

Coating adhesion

Judging from the requirements of the standard, the adhesion requirements for powder coating, fluorocarbon coating and electrophoretic coating are the same. But from the actual use and test results, electrophoretic coating is the best, followed by fluorocarbon spraying, and relatively speaking, powder spraying is worse.


Hardness can be investigated from two aspects, one is the surface hardness, and the other is abrasion resistance. From the surface hardness point of view, the anodic oxide film is the hardest, followed by the fluorocarbon coating. It is difficult to compare the hardness of the powder coating and the electrophoretic paint film from the test, but from the actual use effect, the powder coating is more The paint film is not easy to touch flowers. In terms of wear resistance, they are anodic oxide film, electrophoretic paint film, fluorocarbon coating, and powder coating.

Alkali resistance

Anodized film has the worst alkali resistance and fluorocarbon coating has the best. When subjected to alkali corrosion, the powder coating is more likely to change color and lose gloss than the electrophoretic paint film, but the electrophoretic paint film is more likely to corrode to the substrate than the powder coating.

Acid resistance and salt spray corrosion resistance

From the standard, actual test and use, the acid resistance and salt spray corrosion resistance are fluorocarbon coating, powder coating, electrophoretic paint film, and anodic oxide film in order.

Solvent resistance

The electrophoretic paint film cannot resist the erosion of certain solvents, while the powder coating has certain resistance to almost all solvents, but the fluorocarbon coating is more resistant to the erosion of solvents.

resistant to boiling water

The powder coating will show slight discoloration after 2 hours of boiling water, but it is still difficult to see any changes in the electrophoretic paint film after 5 hours of boiling water.

Weather resistance

Light From the point of view of UV protection, electrophoretic paint film is definitely better than powder coating, but under normal environmental conditions, the weather resistance of these two coatings should be comparable. Compared with the fluorocarbon coating, the weather resistance of the electrophoretic paint film and the powder coating is far from that of the fluorocarbon coating.

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