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The Reasons For The Adsorption Of Particles On The Aluminum Heat Sink Surface


In the extrusion production of heat sink aluminum profiles, common defects are relatively intuitive, such as bending, twisting, deformation, and slag inclusion. The defect of "adsorbed particles" is difficult to find without careful observation or contact. The hazard is that it is difficult to remove in the production process of electrophoresis and spraying profiles, which affects the appearance of the profiles and causes waste products.

The Reasons For The Adsorption Of Particles On The Aluminum Heat Sink Surface

The main reasons for the formation of "adsorbed particles" are as follows:

1. The influence of extrusion process

The correct selection of extrusion process parameters is also an important factor affecting the "adsorbed particles". If the extrusion temperature is too high and the extrusion speed is too fast, the more "adsorbed particles" will be. The reason is that due to the high temperature and high speed, the flow rate of the profile increases, the degree of mold deformation increases, the flow of metal is accelerated, and the resistance to deformation of the metal is relatively high. Weakened, the phenomenon of aluminum sticking is more likely to form.

2. The influence of mold

In extrusion production, the mold is working under high temperature and high pressure, which will produce elastic deformation. The working belt of the die starts to be parallel to the extrusion direction. After receiving pressure, the working belt deforms into a horn shape. Only the cutting edge of the working belt touches the sticky aluminum formed by the aluminum profile of the heat sink, which is similar to the cutting edge of a turning tool. During the formation of the sticky aluminum, particles are continuously carried out by the aluminum profile of the heat sink and adhere to the surface of the profile, resulting in "adsorbed particles".

3. The influence of casting rod quality

The quality of the cast rod is an important factor affecting the surface and extrusion of the aluminum profile of the heat sink. The cause of "adsorbed particles" has a lot to do with the quality of the cast rod. The common structural defects of cast rods include slag inclusion, porosity, coarse grains, segregation, bright grains, etc. All these casting rod defects have one thing in common, that is, they are not well welded to the base of the cast rod, causing the flow of the base to be inconsistent. Continuity, which is an important factor in the formation of "adsorbed particles".

The influencing factors of "adsorbed particles" are mainly the extrusion process, mold, and casting rod. The operating level of the operator is also reflected in these three elements. On the basis of production practice, the problem is continuously analyzed and the experience is summarized. It can reduce or avoid "adsorbed particles" and greatly improve the yield and production efficiency of the aluminum profile of the heat sink.

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