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Epoxy resin system for commercial vehicle suspension


Epoxy resin system for commercial vehicle suspension

Springs are widely used in the suspension systems of commercial vehicles and SUVs. They must bear various load conditions, such as longitudinal and lateral loads, braking torque, etc. Korea Cologne Industry Corporation, Korea Hyundai Motor Group and SK Chemicals have cooperated to develop a leaf spring based on epoxy resin composite material. This spring is made of traditional steel materials, which reduces the weight by nearly 50% and improves the durability by five times. .

The lightweight epoxy composite material system brings many benefits to the leaf spring suspension of commercial vehicles.

The new epoxy resin system combines the characteristics of fast curing and high toughness, especially suitable for thick composite materials (>100mm). The system can work in high temperature and humid environment. Its NVH (noise, vibration and roughness) performance and fatigue resistance have been improved, which can optimize the curing cycle of thick composite materials and reduce its deformation. The simulation software realizes the optimization of curing kinetics and chemical rheological model parameters . This makes it possible to predict and find sufficient curing conditions.

The spring leaf can still maintain the required structural strength or rigidity after accidental or discrete damage. Using the finite element-based multi-scale progressive failure analysis method, the remaining fatigue life of the composite spring was predicted, and the impact of damage events on the performance of the composite blade spring was evaluated.

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