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The Rapid Heating Method For Assembling Aluminum Electrolytic Cell Cathode Carbon Block  

The Rapid Heating Method For Assembling Aluminum Electrolytic Cell Cathode Carbon Block

Background technique

In the assembly of the cathode carbon block of the aluminum reduction cell, it is necessary to assemble the cathode steel rod in the dovetail tank of the carbon block. For the effective combination of the steel rod and the carbon block, the carbon block must be heated to 50-60°C. The current practice is to build a heating furnace in which the cathode carbon block is heated as a whole.

This method has the following shortcomings:

  • 1. Because the heating furnaces are relatively large, the interior needs to be built with refractory materials, so the investment cost is relatively high.
  • 2. Since the carbon block is heated as a whole, the efficiency is very low, and it usually takes 10-12 hours to heat the workpiece to the predetermined temperature.
  • 3. Since a large number of electric heating wires need to be evenly arranged in the heating furnace, the power consumption is large.

The cathode carbon block assembly actually only needs to partially heat the two dovetail tanks, and the overall heating is a waste of energy.

Inventive effect

The present invention has the following advantages and positive effects:

  • 1. The invention is easy to operate and has a light structure, and two people can easily complete the heating process.
  • 2. The present invention has direct heating and low energy consumption. Only a few heating tubes are needed to heat the groove. Due to the function of the heat-insulating shell, the generated heat is basically not lost, and it can be evenly distributed in the groove. Save energy consumption.
  • 3. In the actual operation of the present invention, it is no longer necessary to build a special heating furnace. The heating time of the cathode carbon block is shortened from the traditional 10h to about 30min. With the auxiliary time, it takes about 45 minutes to complete the heating of the cathode carbon block. heating.
  • 4. Using the invention to heat a set of cathode carbon blocks can save 6-8 man-days, and the work efficiency can be comprehensively increased by more than 5 times.

Technical solutions

As conceived as above, the technical solution of the present invention is: A rapid heating method for assembling the cathode carbon block of an aluminum electrolytic cell, comprising the following steps:

  • ①Lift the heating device to the cathode carbon block to be heated;
  • ②Preliminary positioning of the heating device based on the steel frame;
  • ③After the initial positioning, use the positioning bracket placed in the groove of the cathode carbon block to accurately position the heating device;
  • ④ After the heating device is placed correctly, cover the thermal insulation shell, turn on the power, and heat the cathode carbon block through the heating device. When the groove of the cathode carbon block is heated to the temperature meeting the assembly conditions, remove the heating device to heat up. The cathode carbon blocks are delivered to the assembly process, and then the next set of cathode carbon blocks are heated.

In summary, the present invention no longer needs to build a special heating furnace, has low cost, high efficiency, low energy consumption, easy operation, and has great promotion and application value.

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