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How To Deal With Wastewater Discharged From The Metal Industry?


The main source of zinc in metal cnc machining wastewater is electroplating or pickling tow liquid. The contaminants are transferred to the rinsing water through the metal rinsing process. The pickling process includes immersing the metal (zinc or copper) in a strong acid to remove oxides on the surface, and then immersing it in a brightener containing strong chromic acid for brightening treatment.

How To Deal With Wastewater Discharged From The Metal Industry

General wastewater contains a large amount of hydrochloric acid, zinc, copper and other heavy metal ions and organic brighteners, etc., which are more toxic, and some also contain carcinogenic, teratogenic, and mutagenic highly toxic substances, which are extremely harmful to humans. Therefore, the electroplating wastewater must be recycled and treated carefully to eliminate or reduce its environmental pollution.

Sewage treatment equipment treatment method

Electroplating mixed wastewater treatment equipment consists of adjustment tank, dosing tank, reduction tank, neutralization reaction tank, pH adjustment tank, flocculation tank, inclined tube sedimentation tank, chamber filter press, clean tank, air flotation reaction, activated carbon filter, etc. composition.

Sewage treatment equipment process flow

Electroplating wastewater treatment adopts iron filings internal electrolytic treatment process. This technology mainly uses activated industrial waste iron filings to purify wastewater. When the wastewater contacts with fillers, electrochemical reactions, chemical reactions and physical effects occur, including catalysis, oxidation, and reduction. , Replacement, co-precipitation, flocculation, adsorption and other comprehensive actions to remove various metal ions in the wastewater, so that the wastewater can be purified.

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