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New breakthrough in nanotechnology: perfect welding of special aluminum alloys


Human scientists have developed an AA7075 aluminum alloy very early. This aluminum alloy weighs only one-third of steel, but is almost as hard as steel. Therefore, this technology can make transportation more portable and energy-saving. It is generally used in aircraft fuselages and wings. In addition, mobile phones also use this technology.

New breakthrough in nanotechnology perfect welding of special aluminum alloys

Although the new type of aluminum alloy is very convenient to use, there is a problem that scientists have not been able to solve. That is that this type of aluminum alloy cannot be welded because the material needs to be heated during the welding process. At this time, the new type of aluminum alloy There will be an uneven flow of the molecular structure, which will cause some cracks in the welded product, and there is no way to use it at all.

Recently, UCLA engineers have finally developed a very special welding method through a series of experiments, which can make the aluminum alloy A7075 completely welded successfully. The particles are added to the welding wire of AA7075, so that the particle connection material can be used.

After welding through this aspect, there will not be any gaps, and it can also reinforce this aluminum alloy, so that the aluminum alloy AA7075 can be used in many industries. For example, in the future, our cars can use aluminum alloy AA7075, which can greatly reduce the weight, thereby improving fuel economy and reducing environmental pollution.

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