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Composition and structure of powder electrostatic spraying equipment


Powder electrostatic spraying equipment mainly includes: powder spraying room, high voltage electrostatic generator, electrostatic spray gun, powder feeder, powder recovery device, workpiece rotating mechanism, etc.

Composition and structure of powder electrostatic spraying equipment

1.Powder spraying room

The powder spraying room is one of the main equipment for powder electrostatic coating. Maintaining a stable air flow is the cleanliness of the powder room and provides a clean working environment for the operators. Control the dust content in the spray booth to be lower than the explosion limit (generally set as 10g/m3). In addition, the powder spraying room should be easy to clean, so that the powder is not easy to deposit in the house, so as to change the color of the powder, and there should be enough light in the room to facilitate the coating work.

2.Electrostatic spray gun

  • 1. Classification: According to its purpose, spray guns can be divided into portable powder spray guns, fixed automatic powder spray guns, disc spray guns, etc.; according to the electrified form, they are divided into inner electrified guns and outer electrified guns; according to their diffusion mechanism, they can be divided into They are conflict guns, rebound guns, secondary air inlet guns, centrifugal rotary cup guns, etc.
  • 2. Spraying efficiency: The charging mechanism of the powder spray gun is a key factor to improve the spraying efficiency. Generally speaking, the core of the powder spraying equipment is the spray gun and the charging system. As far as the current market is concerned, the proportion of corona spray guns is extremely large. This is because the biggest advantage of using high-voltage corona discharge to charge the powder is that it can spray all types of thermosetting powder coatings today. , And can get very good results. Its advantages are mainly manifested in excellent stability, powdering rate and powdering speed.
  • 3. The development history of the spray gun is like this: voltage control o current control o total energy control. The total energy control is that as the spray gun is away from the workpiece, its voltage and current are constantly adjusted to the ideal state to achieve the best coating effect.

3.Powder supply system

1) The powder supply system is to continuously and evenly transport the coated powder material from the powder container to the powder spray gun for spraying.

The powder supply system is composed of air compressor, oil-water separator, air dryer, regulating valve, compressed air pipeline, electromagnetic control valve, powder supply device, powder delivery pipeline, etc.

2) The form of the powder feeder

In the powder electrostatic spraying powder supply system, there are many types of powder supply devices, which can usually be divided into: pressure vessel type, screw or turntable mechanical conveying type, and venturi air suction type.

3) Powder recovery device

The recovery of powder can be divided into wet method and dry method.

The wet method is to filter the airflow with powder through a liquid container to achieve purification. The powder with liquid is dried and reused.

Dry powder recovery is to collect the powder particles in the powder air flow discharged from the powder spraying chamber. The types of dry powder recovery include gravity sedimentation, inertial separation, cyclone separation, sintered plate separation, etc. In actual production, multi-stage recovery devices are often used to achieve better separation results.

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