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The Advantages Of Industrial Aluminum Alloy Used As Heat Sink


The LED heat dissipation technology was born in 2000 and is made of semiconductor light-emitting diodes. The working principle is to generate electroluminescence by radiation compound. It is the most common way of heat dissipation. Aluminum heat sink fins are used as part of the shell to increase the heat dissipation area.

The Advantages Of Industrial Aluminum Alloy Used As Heat Sink

Like traditional light sources, semiconductor light-emitting diodes (LEDs) also generate heat during operation, the amount of which depends on the overall luminous efficiency. Under the action of external electric energy, the radiation of electrons and holes recombine to produce electroluminescence. The light radiated near the PN junction also needs to pass through the semiconductor medium and packaging medium of the chip itself to reach the outside world (air). Combining current injection efficiency, radioluminescence quantum efficiency, and external light extraction efficiency of the chip, in the end, only 30-40% of the input electric energy is converted into light energy, and the remaining 60-70% of the energy is mainly caused by non-radiative recombination of lattice vibration. The form transforms heat energy.

Generally speaking, the stability and quality of LED lamps are critical to the heat dissipation of the lamp body. The heat dissipation of high-brightness LED lamps on the market often uses natural heat dissipation, and the effect is not ideal. LED lamps made by LED light sources are composed of LEDs, heat dissipation structures, drivers, and lenses. Therefore, heat dissipation is also an important part. If the LED does not dissipate heat well, its lifespan will also be affected.

The main function of the heat sink is to dissipate the heat. Because the price of aluminum alloy is cheaper than other materials and the heat dissipation effect is better, aluminum alloy is also favored by the electrical industry.

There are two commonly used heat sink materials: copper and aluminum alloy. Although copper has good thermal conductivity, it is more expensive, more difficult to process, heavier, and has small heat capacity, and it is easily oxidized and discarded by others. The aluminum alloy is just the opposite, so the heat sink is mostly made of aluminum alloy.

Because pure aluminum is too soft to be used directly, most of us use aluminum alloy. The advantages of aluminum alloy are low price and light weight, but the thermal conductivity is much worse than copper. Some radiators take their own strengths and embed a copper plate on the base of the aluminum alloy radiator.

Aluminum alloy radiator not only has beautiful appearance, light weight, good heat dissipation performance, but also has better energy-saving effect. The surface of aluminum radiator will form a protective film after oxidation surface, which increases the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of aluminum. Aluminum radiators are widely used in machinery, automobiles, household appliances and other industries due to their superior performance.

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