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The Reasons For Abnormal Noise Of Cnc Bearings


The Reasons For Abnormal Noise Of Cnc Bearings

The machine tool bearing is installed correctly, lubricated well, and the load is normal. There is a relatively stable and uniform noise during operation. When the machine tool bearing fails, it will make an abnormal noise, sometimes accompanied by overheating. The reason analysis and elimination methods are as follows: Cause analysis:

  • (1) Intermittent mute sound is heard, indicating that the machine tool bearing is not clean, and there are dirt and impurities.
  • (2) When a whistle or scream is heard, it is generally considered that there is insufficient lubricating oil and there is a phenomenon of friction.
  • (3) When you hear a crackle or crackle sound: it may be due to the wear of the rolling elements in the machine tool bearing, or the uneven wear of the raceway of the machine tool bearing ring. Or when installing the machine tool bearing, the working method is improper, and the raceway of the machine tool bearing sleeve m is pressed into a pit.
  • (4) When you hear the sound of clicking, rattling or rattling, the machine tool bearing is generally worn for too long, the gap between the rolling element and the raceway is too large, or the machine tool bearing retainer is framed, broken, or broken. , Rivets fall out, etc.
  • (5) The machine tool bearings have abnormal noises, and the unit (for example, other machines driven by electric motors, connected to the unit by couplings) has large or intense vibration.
  • (6) The machine tool bearing accessories, such as sealing ring, oil ring, and baffle cover, also make abnormal noises when they are loose and rubbed. Because they are close to the machine tool bearing, it is sometimes mistaken for the machine tool bearing to be abnormal.

Method Of Exclusion:

  • (1) Remove the machine tool bearings for inspection. If there are dirt and impurities, they should be cleaned.
  • (2) Add lubricating grease as required.
  • (3) Remove the machine tool bearings for cleaning and then check. If the rolling element is deformed,The machine tool bearing ring wear should be replaced with a new machine tool bearing.
  • (4) Remove the machine tool bearings for cleaning, and inspect the machine tool bearings to see if all parts are damaged. For medium and small machine tool bearings, you can hold the inner fQ of the machine tool bearing with one hand and turn the outer ring of the machine tool bearing vigorously with one hand. Once, rotate the machine tool bearing, listen to whether the sound still exists, and replace the worn out machine tool bearing again.
  • (5) Check the centerline of the two shafts of the coupling of the unit, align and level it. The deviation value of the inclination and skew should be within the allowable range. If the center line is not concentric or the deviation value is too large, the correction should be performed again.
  • (6) When you hear abnormal noises, you should also perform detailed inspections on the sealing rings, oil rings, and shields near the machine tool bearings. Eliminate friction and scratches.

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