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Jinzhu Gold Supplier Recommended-CNC Supper Stroke Machining Case

Customer praise
Product Name: Large stroke processing disc mechanical parts
Customer background: Humen Jinzhu Machinery Co., Ltd.
Quality assurance: ISO9001
I have been working with the PTJ factory for four years. We have almost all the metal parts that need to be customized
for them. PTJ has completed more than 300 complex product projects for us. They not only satisfy us, but also let Our
customers are satisfied and bring us a lot of customer orders. Their company is not only professional, but also more 
important PTJ equipment, experienced, skilled, low-cost, fast shipping.

Supper stroke machining disc mechanical parts detail
disc mechanical parts
Service Content
 1, processing and forming
● PTJ senior CNC engineer design drawings (engineering analysis - metal parts PARTLISR-CNC stroke)
●Equipped with high quality materials: aluminum(purity 100%)
●The engineering department established a project task force, held a project briefing session, and started CNC
●Review of specimens, proofing (three-dimensional product size inspection)
● Stroke: 4-axis machining mixed three-axis and engraving
2, surface treatment processing
●External supplier anodizing treatment, no fading for 5 years
3, full inspection assembly
Each product is visually inspected and quality tested. Each product has up to 8 types of tests and tests to ensure
 that each product is a customer-satisfied product.
4, packaging and distribution
The 10-meter packaging line is packed with high-quality materials.

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