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The Application Of Automation Production Line In Machine Tool Industry


The application of machining automation production line in the machine tool industry, machine tools are available in many domestic manufacturers. However, truss robots, CNC machine robots, and machining automation production lines are still relatively rare. On the one hand, the entire factory still needs to transform the machining automation production line. Determined, the one-time investment cost will be relatively high, and there are many people who have never used truss robots and do not trust truss robots very much.

High-efficiency, high-precision, and long-term high speed are the goals pursued by the machine tool industry. The lack of labor market resources and the substantial increase in labor costs. Automatic lines and processing units with a high degree of automation are flooding the market. Automation has become the theme of the modern processing industry. Modern processing The workshop is equipped with manipulators. In the process of processing and assembling, it is difficult or dangerous for workers to complete the work, and then there are loading and unloading manipulators matched with machine tools. These industrial manipulators can realize multi-degree of freedom movement instead of manual completion of complex actions and improve work. Efficiency and realization of non-chemical operation. At present, machining automation production lines are more widely used. The truss robot covers a large area and is generally separated from the machine tool and needs to be controlled separately. In addition, the truss robot adopts a relatively expensive grasping device and pneumatic Devices, various valve groups, etc.

The Application Of Automation Production Line In Machine Tool Industry

The application of automated machine processing production lines in the machine tool industry, replacing labor with industrial robot manipulators can not only increase labor productivity, solve labor problems, but also achieve production standardization and production safety! Using manipulators to replace labor has become an inevitable choice for production companies to transform and upgrade. The automation transformation of existing machine tools mainly adopts industrial manipulators to change the way of loading and unloading workpieces in the machining process. Manipulators are used to replace labor and special machines to complete workpiece loading and unloading, work turnover, and process conversion. The component processing unit and production line can realize 24-hour large batches, improve efficiency, and automate processing.

The application of machining automation production line in the machine tool industry, in the transformation of this type of machine tool loading and unloading processing production line, Shandong Kangdao Intelligent recommends processing enterprises to adopt the machining automation production line.

Our company’s machining automation production line adopts a self-developed new truss structure. The main beam adopts a slider guide-type transmission mode; the vertical beam can choose a variety of driving methods, the structure is small and light, and a variety of jaws can be selected to complete the two processes of the parts. (Or a single process) processing, forming a set of truss robots to complete the automatic production line for loading and unloading of two machine tools. Namely: 1 truss robot can be equipped with 2 machine tools to form an automatic loading and unloading processing unit, standard design, modular production and assembly, the beam adopts steel structure to install linear guides, rack and pinion drive, and the vertical axis adopts aluminum profile structure to reduce motor load . Mainly for the automatic production of disc and shaft products, the system is equipped with manual and automatic switching functions.

This kind of machining automation production line has the characteristics of high cost performance and fast delivery, and can be put into production quickly, generating benefits in a short time and recovering costs. It is recommended to be used on CNC machine tools to automate the processing of shafts and sleeve parts. It is especially suitable for occasions with short processing cycles and large production batches.

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