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Tungsten steel slitting knife manufacturer customized processing paper cutting tungsten steel blade


Tungsten steel slitting knife manufacturers custom-processed paper cutting tungsten steel blades, China PTJ Tungsten Steel Processing specializes in the production of tungsten steel slitting blades for the cutting and processing operations of packaging cartons, packaging board paper, corrugated paper and other paper products.

Tungsten steel slitting knife manufacturer customized processing paper cutting tungsten steel blade

As a manufacturer of tungsten steel blades in China, China PTJ Cemented Carbide Manufacturing Co., Ltd. selects fine-grained hard alloys for continuous and long-lasting cutting operations such as tape, plastic film, corrugated paper, and packaging paper according to the needs of first-line customers. The high-quality alloy powder is formed by low-pressure sintering after precision molding. The internal metallographic structure of the tungsten steel blade product has good compactness, avoiding the phenomenon of chipping of the cutting edge during fine grinding and use, and improving the smoothness of the cut section and one-time cutting shape. Requirements: Use high-precision grinder to finely sharpen the cutting edge, with high machining accuracy, and the finish is as high as the mirror effect. The machine has a long working cycle, anti-oxidation, no rust, and adapts to various production and cutting environments. Our company's large-scale mass production, standardized production process and strict quality control cast stable tungsten steel blade product quality, especially for long-term cutting operations, so you can avoid your worries.

China PTJ tungsten steel slitting knife manufacturer custom-processes paper cutting tungsten steel blades. Tungsten steel slitting blades are widely used in mechanical equipment for paper products slitting, adhesive tape slitting, film plastic slitting, wire and cable slitting, rubber slitting, chemical fiber slitting, aluminum foil slitting, composite packaging material slitting , Leather cloth slitting, printing cigarette slitting, food and clothing and other industries slitting slitting and slitting operations are sharp carbide blades, and the slitting operations require meticulous accuracy of the blades.

China PTJ cemented carbide production tungsten steel slitting knife manufacturers custom-processed paper-cutting tungsten steel blades. The overall use of cemented carbide as the matrix is made into tungsten steel slitting blades through multiple production and processing procedures. The cutting edge is sharp and the hair can be broken. Suitable for paper products slitting. According to the different specifications of different slitting machinery and equipment, we provide slitting knives for tungsten steel processing customization. Commonly used tungsten steel slitting knives for paper cutting tungsten steel blades are:
1. Ф240×Ф130×1.3
2. Ф268×Ф158×1.4
3. Ф200×Ф122×1.1
4. Φ260×Φ114×1.4
8. Φ162*Φ102*1.2
9. Φ300*Φ38.1*2.5, etc.

Tungsten steel slitting knife manufacturers custom-process paper-cut tungsten steel blades, and China PTJ cemented carbide produces tungsten steel processing to provide precision tool customization. Our advantage, China's cemented carbide professional manufacturer, provides non-standard customization of precision tungsten steel processing; Our pride, national high-tech enterprise certification, tungsten carbide production of tungsten steel processing form and position tolerance accuracy meets ± 0.002. Welcome customers and friends who need tungsten steel cutting blades for paper cutting tungsten steel blades to contact us. National free service hotline: 400-0013-139.

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