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Tungsten steel blade production and processing pelletizer fixed knife


Tungsten steel blade production and processing pelletizer fixed knife, China PTJ Tungsten Steel Processing provides customized production of pelletizer tungsten steel fixed blade.

Tungsten steel blade production and processing pelletizer fixed knife

The use of cutting tools for mechanical industrial cutting operations directly affects production efficiency. Tungsten steel blades as superhard tools are widely used cutting tools for industrial mechanical cutting operations. The tungsten steel material produced by the powder metallurgy process has stable physical properties, high hardness, high strength and high wear resistance, and has a good effect on the use of pelletizer cutters.
Pelletizers are often used for daily necessities such as rubber, plastic, plastic film, or industrial plastic cutting operations. The cutter of the pelletizer is composed of a rotary knife and a fixed knife. The cutting distance is controlled by the position of the fixed knife. Because the hardness of tungsten steel blade is relatively high, it is often used for fixed knife selection, namely, the tungsten steel fixed blade of pelletizer. The material requirements of the rotary knife hob are different according to the needs of use.

China PTJ tungsten steel blade produces and processes the fixed knife of the pelletizer, which is non-standard customized according to the use requirements of rubber and plastic machinery and equipment. All the clear corners are reserved and the joints are not touched. The specifications are: 300*30*10*4-Φ6.2*8 -Φ12.8, the assembly hole angle is 90°. The material requirements of the tungsten steel fixed knife of this pelletizer are as follows:
1. Grain size um: 1.6.
2. Cobalt content Co%: 15
3. Density g/cm3: 14.45
4. Hardness HRA: 87
5. Bending strength Mpa: 3200
6. Elastic modulus Gpa: 440
7. Compressive strength Mpa: 4700.

Tungsten steel blade production and processing pelletizer fixed knife, high quality produced by China PTJ Cemented Carbide Production Co., Ltd., provides sample production and batch processing of tungsten steel blades.
Our advantage, a professional manufacturer of cemented carbide in China, provides non-standard customization of precision tungsten steel processing;
We are proud of our national high-tech enterprise certification, and the machining tolerance accuracy of tungsten carbide produced by cemented carbide meets ±0.002.

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