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Tungsten steel plate production, precision grinding MD45A tungsten steel plate block processing customization


Tungsten steel sheet production precision ground MD45A tungsten steel block processing customization, China PTJ Tungsten Steel Processing provides precision ground MD45A tungsten steel sheet, MD40A tungsten steel block, MD55 tungsten steel grade into the required tungsten steel materials used in the mold.

Tungsten steel plate production, precision grinding MD45A tungsten steel plate block processing customization

As a super-hard tool material, tungsten steel plate is a relatively widely used size and shape of tungsten steel material. It has different performance requirements according to the specific use of mechanical industry production. It is used for wear-resistant parts, progressive molds, stamping molds, and drawing tools. The use of drawing molds, powder molds, metal cold rolling, 3D glass hot bending, etc., have different applicability to the material properties of tungsten steel plates and tungsten steel blocks.

According to the differentiation of the needs of customers and friends, China's PTJ tungsten steel sheet produces finely ground MD45A tungsten steel sheet blocks for custom processing, and provides customized processing of non-standard sizes. Customized sizes according to the customer's mechanical equipment requirements include:
1.250*150*44, 105*105*70
2.200*200*55, 200*200*25;
3.150*150*30, 150*100*25;
4.80*50*40, 80*60*55;
5.105*105*18.1, 105*105*13.1, etc.
The production of tungsten steel plates and the custom-made MD45A tungsten steel plates are processed and customized, and the conventional specifications and dimensions of the tungsten carbide plates are as follows:
1, 105-105-6, 150-150-6,
2, 105-105-8, 150-150-8,
3. 105-105-10, 150-150-10,
4. 105-105-12, 150-150-12,
5, 105-105-15, 150-150-15,
6. 105-105-18, 150-150-18,
7. 105-105-20, 150-150-20, etc.

China PTJ tungsten steel plate production of finely ground MD45A tungsten steel plate block processing is customized, according to the supporting requirements of industrial production and use, due to the difference in the use of machinery and equipment molds, it can be customized to produce cemented carbide plates and tungsten steel plate for fine grinding processing according to the size requirements of customers.
China PTJ hard alloy plate tungsten steel processing produces customized 200-200-13.5, 200-200-15, 200-200-20, 105-105-70 and other size specifications for customers and friends, and performs fine grinding processing according to the requirements of use. The dimensional tolerance requirements are met from ±0.01 to ±0.002. The higher the tolerance accuracy requirements, the higher the processing cost. Other size specifications can also provide 210*130*12, 210*151*12, 200*136*10, 200*150*10, 210*120*40 and other customized production, the maximum size can meet the length and width 500mm*500mm, height The requirements can meet 70mm-80mm, and the finish after finishing can meet Ra0.2, Ra0.4, Ra0.8, etc.
Manufacture of tungsten steel plates, customized processing of MD45A tungsten steel blocks, and production of PTJ tungsten steel processing cemented carbide in China. As a cutting tool or mold cavity, tungsten steel sheet can meet better performance and size processing. The physical parameters of commonly used tungsten steel plates for finely ground tungsten steel plates are as follows:
1. Co content: 6%-20%.
2. Density g/cm3: 13.9 ~ 14.5.
3. Hardness: 87-92.0HRA.
4. Grain size: 0.6-1.2um.
5. Bending strength: 2800-4800MPa.
6. Elastic modulus GPa: 490-520.
7. Thermal expansion coefficient 10-6/℃: 5.4.

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Tungsten steel plate production, precision grinding MD45A tungsten steel plate block processing customization

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