Tungsten steel micro-hole processing laser tin ball tungsten steel nozzle

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Tungsten steel micro-hole processing laser tin ball tungsten steel nozzle


Tungsten steel micro-hole processing laser tin ball tungsten steel nozzle, China PTJ tungsten steel processing precision production provides laser tin ball tungsten steel nozzle, micro-hole tungsten steel nozzle and other tungsten steel micro-hole processing parts.

Tungsten steel micro-hole processing laser tin ball tungsten steel nozzle

The good usability of tool materials depends on the material selection of the core working parts of the manufacturing industry, and it is also the promotion of the usability of tool materials by economic and social development. The super-hard material tungsten steel produced by powder metallurgy technology has the advantages of high strength, high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and small linear expansion coefficient. It has good physical stability, especially high temperature resistance and wear resistance. The tungsten steel nozzle with micro-hole processing of tungsten steel shows good performance under the working conditions of special spray medium, which is damaged and corrosion-resistant.
In the era of intelligent manufacturing of Industry 4.0, automated machinery and equipment have put forward more requirements for wear-resistant parts such as tungsten steel nozzles. According to the different use of mechanical equipment and spray media, China PTJ tungsten steel micro-hole processing tungsten steel nozzle provides customized production, and the inner hole requires a smooth finish that can meet Ra0.2, Ra0.4, Ra0.8, Ra1.6, etc., It is suitable for automatic mechanical equipment operations such as laser tinning welding, powder hot and cold spraying, medium sandblasting spray, fluid liquid spraying, etc., with a long life.

China PTJ tungsten steel micro-hole processing laser tin ball tungsten steel nozzle, smart tin ball welding machine tungsten steel nozzle, for the current electronic 3C product manufacturing field, smart tin ball jet laser soldering machine for the welding of gold, silver, tin and other components Processing is one of the important aspects of the application of laser material processing technology. The solder ball jet welding is carried out through the precision micro-hole tungsten steel nozzle. The welding accuracy is high, the light spot is small, the processing time program is controlled, and the accuracy is higher than the traditional process method. It is suitable for high-precision welding of modules, cameras, motors, gold fingers, circuit boards, etc. .
Tungsten steel nozzle of laser solder ball welding machine, China PTJ tungsten steel processing precision production solder ball nozzle, according to the requirements of laser welding machine equipment use drawings, precision custom-made micro-hole tungsten steel nozzle. Tungsten steel nozzle's micro-hole size and caliber are determined according to the requirements of 150um~350um~760um for tin balls. Precision tungsten steel nozzles require smooth inner walls. Laser soldering tungsten steel processing micro-porous tungsten steel nozzles especially need a good finish to ensure the life of long-lasting operations, and try to avoid tin-sticking operations in order to work for a long time. The nozzle is made of high-quality hard alloy and made of tungsten steel, which has good durability and surface finish. When spraying solder balls, due to the high surface finish of the nozzle, the solder balls can be well shot out of the nozzle and it is not easy to block the nozzle opening.

Tungsten steel micro-hole processing laser tin ball tungsten steel nozzle, tungsten steel nozzle is also called tungsten carbide nozzle, good physical stability can better meet the requirements of spraying, more applications for aerospace, marine engineering , Advanced manufacturing, rail transit and other fields, suitable for thermal spraying, vacuum coating, laser processing, etc. China PTJ Cemented Carbide Production Co., Ltd. focuses on cemented carbide production and non-standard customization of tungsten steel processing. With the powder metallurgy research institute of Central South University as the guidance of cemented carbide material production technology, it provides customers and friends with carbide processing tungsten steel precision Production products.

China PTJ tungsten steel micro-hole processing laser tin ball tungsten steel nozzle customization, our advantage, China's professional cemented carbide manufacturer, provides non-standard customization of precision tungsten steel processing; our pride, national high-tech enterprise certification, cemented carbide The tolerance accuracy of the production of tungsten steel processing meets ±0.002.

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