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Tungsten steel processing and finishing Tungsten steel mold core precision production


Tungsten steel processing and finishing tungsten steel mold cores are precision produced, and China PTJ tungsten steel production precision customization provides high-precision tungsten steel finishing mold cores for new energy manufacturers.

Tungsten steel processing and finishing Tungsten steel mold core precision production

As the core part of the new energy production equipment, the finished tungsten steel mold core is mainly determined by its good physical properties. The tungsten steel material itself has good and stable physical properties. Its wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high hardness, and high strength make it very widely used. It is the core working part in some special extreme working environments, and the mechanical resistance of tungsten steel processing The good performance and long service life of grinding tungsten steel mold parts are effective ways to improve industrial production efficiency. The modern manufacturing industry's demand for the use of high-performance mold products has become an important dependence on improving production efficiency and promoting economic development. For the production and manufacturing of new energy power batteries, the use of finishing tungsten steel mold cores is directly related to the size requirements of new energy battery products.

As a precision manufacturer of tungsten steel in China, we have been committed to providing high-quality tungsten steel mold parts for industrial production. This series of finished tungsten steel mold cores are customized for Anhui New Energy Technology Enterprises. The company provides technology research and development and services in the fields of electronics, lithium batteries and other new energy sources, and provides products such as the design and manufacture of battery casings and structural parts, and the manufacture of auto parts for the field of new energy vehicles. We are also honored to provide precision tungsten steel processing products for the supply chain of new energy vehicles.
Tungsten steel processing and finishing tungsten steel mold cores are precision production, high-quality products of China PTJ Cemented Carbide Production Co., Ltd. The size specifications of this series of finished tungsten steel mold cores are as follows:
1. φ23*φ8.5*φ13*φ22.02*47.2;
2. Φ32.06*Φ23*Φ15*Φ11*37;
3. Φ35.06*Φ24*Φ15*Φ11*37;
4. Φ22.06*Φ15*Φ12*Φ9*30;
5. Φ22.04*Φ22.1*Φ20.6*Φ16*Φ13*Φ8.5*53.5;
6. Φ22.015*Φ16*Φ14*Φ13*Φ8.5*25.55;
7. Φ24*Φ22*Φ16*Φ3*73.45;
8. Φ24*Φ16*Φ13*Φ8*70, etc.
The specific size specifications are customized and processed according to the requirements of the detailed drawings to meet the requirements of the alignment tolerance and size accuracy.

New energy batteries are currently an important project to promote production in my country. They are mainly used in the automobile and motorcycle industries to provide electrical energy for the starting and ignition of engines and the use of on-board electronic equipment; industrial power systems are used in power transmission substations and provide power units for power generation. The brake current provides backup power for public facilities and power for communication; the electric vehicle and electric bicycle industry replace gasoline and diesel as the driving power source for electric vehicles or electric bicycles. As an industrial tooth, tungsten steel provides good use performance tungsten steel core mold products for the production and processing of new energy fields.
The good physical stability of tungsten steel materials is a good choice for precision production of tungsten steel processing and finishing tungsten steel mold cores. Tungsten steel processing and finishing tungsten steel mold cores are precision produced. The physical properties of China PTJ tungsten steel mold core materials are as follows:
1. Co content: 10%-20%.

2. Density g/cm3: 14.0~14.5.

3. Hardness: 87-92.0HRA.

4. Grain size: 0.6-1.2um.

5. Bending strength: 3200-4000MPa.

6. Elastic modulus GPa: 490.

7. Thermal expansion coefficient 10-6/℃: 5.4.

8. The external dimensions of the tungsten steel mold core are customized according to the drawings, and the accuracy requirements are up to ±0.002.

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