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Tungsten steel drawing die with outer single taper inner hole


Tungsten steel processing outer single tapered inner hole tungsten steel drawing die, China PTJ tungsten steel die precision customization provides tungsten steel drawing die foreign trade export orders for mass production.

Tungsten steel drawing die with outer single taper inner hole

Drawing is the most commonly used plastic processing method for pipe processing. Its essence means that under the action of external force, the metal blank tube passes through the inner cavity of the drawing die to obtain the corresponding shape and product. There are two main forms of tungsten steel drawing dies, which are divided into tapered drawing dies and arc drawing dies based on the shape of the inner cavity working surface. The drawing dies for this series of outer single tungsten steel processing are mainly tungsten steel drawing dies with tapered inner holes. Commonly used steel pipe drawing production processes are completed with tungsten steel drawing dies. The steel pipes are used in a wide range of industries, such as construction, medical and health, petroleum, etc., especially in the automotive field. The application requirements are higher.

The improvement of tool material performance is a good form for batch industry to improve production efficiency. The super-hard material tungsten steel produced by powder metallurgy technology has the advantages of high strength, high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and small linear expansion coefficient. It is widely used in many industrial production and processing operations. Tungsten steel has good physical stability, especially the long-lasting life of high temperature resistance and wear resistance, which is suitable for the use of more precision machinery and mold equipment.
Tungsten steel processing outer single tapered inner hole tungsten steel drawing die, its size specifications are as follows:
1. Φ14.371-Φ14.359*Φ8.89-Φ8.86*Φ9.449-Φ9.423*33.223-33.096;
2. Φ17.165-Φ17.153*Φ11.811-Φ11.786*Φ11.43-Φ11.41*36.322-36.195;
3. Φ16.518-Φ16.505*Φ9.525-Φ9.499*Φ9.068-Φ9.042*23.927-23.799;
4. Φ17.165-Φ17.153*Φ11.811-Φ11.786*Φ11.633-Φ11.608-34.366-34.239.
The tungsten steel drawing die requires an outer diameter of 1.27 on one end and a length of 10° chamfer, the other end has an inner diameter of R1.57, and an outer diameter and inner hole finish of Ra0.4 to meet the requirements of better demolding for steel pipe drawing operations.

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