Maintenance methods of CNC machine tools in the rainy season

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Maintenance methods of CNC machine tools in the rainy season


In the rainy season, the maintenance and maintenance of machinery and equipment is very important, because in such weather, equipment is more prone to failure, and there are heavy rainfall in many areas of southern my country, and even floods in some areas. Here, we introduce how to maintain CNC machine tools in the rainy season?

   1. Strictly abide by the electricity code

   CNC numerical control machine tools are strictly required to be connected to the ground wire, and a three-core power plug is used to reduce static electricity interference, improve the stability of the machine and protect the operator.

Maintenance methods of CNC machine tools in the rainy season

   Due to the excessive power consumption in summer and the rainy season, the voltage of the power supply line is often unstable, which may cause malfunctions and even burn down the components such as drives. It is recommended to purchase a voltage regulator of the corresponding model.

   2. Increase the utilization rate of CNC machine tools

If the operating rate of CNC machine tools is not high, in addition to the invested capital can not play the role of reproduction, and there is also a worry about the warranty period, because CNC machine tools have a warranty period, users should make full use of this period For the machine tool, expose its thin part as soon as possible so that it can be processed within the warranty period. If it is not used for a long time, it may accelerate the deterioration or damage of electronic components due to moisture and other reasons. Especially in the rainy season, the machine must be properly operated.

  3. Use CNC machine tools in a good environment

   Because the air is humid in the rainy season, it is easy to get damp and malfunction in the humid air. And pay attention to details at work, so be careful not to bring umbrellas to the production site, exchange shoes, etc.

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