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Causes of overcutting in cnc machining


CNC machining refers to precision machining controlled by a computer, which is mainly used for the machining of various precision parts. What are the reasons for common failures caused by general cnc processing? What are the reasons for the overcutting during processing?

 1, the causes of common failures in cnc processing

   1. Overload. Reasons: excessive cutting volume, frequent forward and reverse rotation, failure of the spindle motor, and failure of the spindle drive equipment.

Causes of overcutting in cnc machining

   2. The spindle does not roll. Reason: the spindle drive equipment fails, the numerical control equipment cannot output the speed signal, the spindle motor fails, the spindle drive equipment fails, and the transmission belt is broken.

   3. The spindle speed violates the command value. Reasons: motor overload, spindle speed command output from the numerical control system is faulty, speed measuring equipment malfunctions or speed response signal is disconnected.

   4. Abnormal noise and vibration of the spindle. Reason: Generally, it occurs during the deceleration process, and there is a problem with the spindle drive equipment, such as a failure of the regeneration circuit in the AC drive.

   2. The reasons for the overcutting of cnc processing

   1. The arc processing of the machining center is excessively cut. In cnc machining for internal summary arc machining, if the selected tool radius rD is too large, exceeding the arc radius r required for machining, overcutting is likely to occur. The NC machining program is compiled according to the practice summary trajectory of the workpiece, without considering the movement trajectory of the tool during the actual machining process.

  Because of the tool radius, the actual path of the tool becomes thicker and does not coincide with the programmed path. In order to get a correct summary of the workpiece surface, the tool radius compensation command needs to be set between the tool path and the programmed path. Otherwise, the overcutting of the workpiece is inevitable.

  2. Overcut discrimination in the process of straight-line machining. When CNC machining a workpiece composed of straight segments, if the tool radius is too large, it is likely to exhibit over-cutting and cause the workpiece to fail. It can be judged by the positive or negative of the scalar product of the calibration vector corresponding to the programming vector.

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