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Matters needing attention in the maintenance of ordinary lathes


1. When taking out a certain circuit board from the whole machine, you should record its corresponding position and the number of the connected cable. For the fixedly installed circuit board, you should also remove the corresponding crimping parts and screws in the front and back for recording. The disassembled pressure parts and screws should be placed in a special box to avoid loss. After assembly, all the contents in the box should be used, otherwise the assembly will be incomplete.

Matters needing attention in the maintenance of ordinary lathes

2. The soldering iron should be placed in front of the hand, away from the repair circuit board. The tip of the soldering iron should be properly trimmed to suit the soldering of integrated circuits and to avoid bumping other components during soldering.
3. When measuring the resistance between the lines, the power supply should be turned off. When measuring the resistance, the red and black test leads should be exchanged and measured twice, with the larger resistance as the reference value.
4. Most of the circuit boards are painted with solder mask. Therefore, the corresponding solder joints should be found as test points when measuring on ordinary lathes in Shenyang. Do not remove the solder film. Some boards are completely painted. 5. The printed circuit should not be cut off at will. Some maintenance personnel have certain experience in repairing home appliances and are accustomed to disconnection inspection, but most of the circuit boards on the CNC equipment are double-sided metal perforated boards or multi-layer perforated boards. The printed circuits are thin and dense. Once cut off, it is not easy to weld, and the line is cut. Sometimes it is easy to cut adjacent lines, and there are some points. When cutting a certain line, it cannot be separated from the line. It is necessary to cut several lines at the same time.
6. Do not disassemble and replace components at will. Some maintenance personnel just feel that the faulty component is broken without confirming the faulty component, and immediately replace it. This way the misjudgment rate is high, and the man-made damage rate of the components removed by Shenyang ordinary lathes is also high.
7. When disassembling the components, you should use a tin suction device and a suction rope, and never take it hard. The same pad of Shenyang ordinary lathes should not be heated and repeatedly disassembled for a long time to avoid damage to the pad. When replacing a new device, its pins should be properly treated, and acid soldering oil should not be used during welding. For the edge layer, only use a blade to scrape the insulating layer at the solder joints.

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