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The role of cnc machining in various industries


CNC machining is a kind of CNC machining, which is a new type of machining technology. The main work is to compile machining programs, that is, to convert the original manual work to computer programming. Of course, you need to have experience in manual processing. Numerical control is the abbreviation of digital control. Numerical control technology is a method of using digital information to control mechanical movement and processing.

The role of cnc machining in various industries

Its technology involves many fields: 

(1) machinery manufacturing technology; 

(2) information processing, processing, and transmission technology; 

(3) automatic control technology; (4) servo drive technology; 

(5) sensor technology; 

(6) software technology Wait.

Numerical control technology and numerical control equipment is an important foundation for the modernization of the manufacturing industry. Whether this foundation is solid has a direct impact on a country’s economic development and overall national strength, and is related to a country’s strategic position. Therefore, all industrialized countries in the world have taken major measures to develop their own CNC technology and industries.

In our country, the development of CNC technology and equipment has also been highly valued, and considerable progress has been made. Especially in the field of general-purpose microcomputer numerical control, the domestic numerical control system based on the PC platform has been in the forefront of the world.

However, my country also has many problems in numerical control technology research and industrial development, especially in terms of technological innovation capability, commercialization process, and market share.

When the new century comes, how to effectively solve these problems, so that my country's numerical control field will follow the path of sustainable development and enter the world's advanced ranks as a whole, so that we have a pivotal position in international competition, and it will be CNC research and development. Important tasks faced by departments and manufacturers.

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