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Stability of the production of metal stamping parts and its influencing factors


What is stability? Stability is divided into process stability and production stability. Process stability refers to a stable process plan for producing qualified products; production stability refers to a stable production capacity during the production process.

Since most of the domestic mold manufacturing companies are small and medium-sized enterprises, and a considerable part of these companies are still in the traditional workshop-style production management stage, they often ignore the stability of the mold, causing problems such as long mold development cycles and high manufacturing costs, which are serious Restricted the pace of development of the enterprise.

Stability of the production of metal stamping parts and its influencing factors

Let us first take a look at the main factors that affect the stability of metal stamping parts, which are: the use of mold materials; the strength requirements of mold structural parts; the stability of stamping material properties; the fluctuation characteristics of material thickness; the range of material changes; The resistance of the tensile ribs; the changing range of the blank holder force; the choice of lubricants.

As we all know, there are many types of metal materials used in stamping dies. Due to the different roles of various parts in the dies, the requirements and selection principles for their materials are also different. Therefore, how to select mold materials reasonably has become one of the most important tasks in mold design.

When selecting mold materials, in addition to requiring high strength, high wear resistance and appropriate toughness, the characteristics and output requirements of the processed product materials must also be fully considered in order to achieve the stability requirements of mold forming.

In actual operation, because mold designers tend to choose mold materials based on their personal experience, the problem of instability of mold forming due to improper selection of mold parts often occurs in metal stamping.

It is worth noting that in the metal stamping process, because each stamping sheet has its own chemical composition, mechanical properties and characteristic values closely related to stamping performance, the performance of stamping materials is unstable, the thickness of stamping materials fluctuates, and The change of stamping material not only directly affects the precision and quality of metal stamping processing, but also may cause damage to the mold.

Take stretch ribs as an example, which occupies a very important position in metal stamping. In the stretch forming process, the forming of the product requires a certain amount of pulling force that is appropriately distributed along the fixed periphery. This pulling force comes from the force of the stamping equipment, the deformation resistance of the material at the edge, and the flow resistance on the blank holder surface . If the flow resistance only depends on the blank holder force, the friction between the mold and the material is not enough.

For this reason, it is also necessary to install a stretch rib that can produce greater resistance on the blank holder to increase the resistance of the feed, so that the material produces greater plastic deformation to meet the requirements of plastic deformation and plastic flow of the material. At the same time, by changing the size and distribution of the resistance of the stretched ribs, and controlling the speed of the material flowing into the mold and the amount of feed, the effective adjustment of the tensile force and its distribution in each deformation zone of the stretched part is realized, thereby preventing stretching Product quality problems such as cracks, wrinkles, and deformation during forming. It can be seen from the above that in the process of drawing up the stamping process and mold design, the tensile resistance must be considered, and the tensile ribs should be arranged according to the variation range of the blank holder force and the form of the tensile ribs should be determined so that each deformation area is deformed as required. The way and the degree of deformation are completed.

In order to solve the problem of the stability of the metal stamping parts, it is necessary to strictly check the following aspects:

①In the process formulation stage, through the analysis of the product, the defects that may occur in the product's manufacturing are predicted, so as to formulate a stable manufacturing process plan;

②Implement the standardization of production process and production process;

③Establish a database, and continuously summarize and optimize it; with the aid of CAE analysis software system, get the most optimized solution.

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