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Demand status and development trend of welding materials


Introduction: China is the country with the largest consumption of steel and welding materials in the world. According to relevant statistics in 2016, China's steel output is 1.138 billion tons, accounting for more than half of the world's steel output, and the output of welding materials is about 5.68 million tons, which is about more than half of the world's welding materials output.

1. The market demand of welding materials and the current demand situation according to the industry

1. Market demand will continue to increase

The report of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of my country clearly pointed out that one of the main tasks of China's economic construction in the twenty-first century is to basically realize industrialization. Our country is now in the mid-term development stage of industrialization. The history of various countries in the world shows that when a country is in a period of industrialization, the consumption of steel and welding materials will continue to grow. For example, when the United States and Japan basically completed their industrialization in the 1970s, the consumption of steel and welding materials reached a peak and then declined steadily.

Demand status and development trend of welding materials

In the next 10 years, the consumption of steel and welding consumables in my country will continue to grow, but the growth rate will moderately slow down, and the focus will be on product variety adjustment and quality improvement. According to predictions by relevant experts, my country's steel consumption may reach 1.2 to 1.5 billion tons in 10 years. Therefore, the corresponding welding material demand may reach 7-8 million tons.

2. According to the needs of the industry

According to industry demand, the biggest difference between my country’s steel and welding materials and foreign developed countries is: in recent years, my country’s construction steel accounts for about 55%, and industrial manufacturing uses less than 45%. However, the current construction steel in the United States, Europe and Japan It only accounts for 22%~30%, and steel for industrial manufacturing accounts for 60%~66%. This difference also reflects the characteristics of the current stage of development in my country, where a large number of infrastructure and urbanization constructions are being carried out.

2. The main development trend of welding materials

1. The progress of welding automation promotes the adjustment of the structure of welding consumables

In the mid-1980s, the proportion of welding rods in foreign developed countries to welding consumables was about 50%. By 2004, in Europe, North America (the United States and Canada), and Japan, the proportion of welding rods in the consumption of welding materials was less than 20%. That is to say, the current automated and semi-automated welding in developed countries has accounted for the entire welding workload. More than 80%.

2. The advancement of steel technology promotes the renewal and quality improvement of welding consumables

my country is striving to develop from a major steel country to a strong steel country. In recent years, a large number of upgraded, high-performance and high-quality steels have been introduced. In particular, the production equipment and technology level of the steel industry has made great progress, such as the ten that will be put into production one after another. The performance of multiple medium and heavy plate rolling mills will surpass that of the existing rolling mills in Japan and the United States and become a new generation of modern medium and heavy plate rolling mills in the world. This will lay a solid foundation for the realization of controlled rolling and controlled cooling processes and the production of high-volume, high-performance medium and heavy plates. Equipment foundation.

3. For common welding consumables with a large quantity and a wide range, the market orientation of high quality and good price should be promoted

The most common welding consumables produced and consumed in my country at present, including carbon steel welding rods such as junction 422, HJ431 flux, ER50-6 copper-plated welding wire and other products, due to the expansion of production capacity and oversupply, the domestic and export prices of common welding materials in my country are becoming more and more expensive. They are only equivalent to 50% to 60% of the price of similar high-quality welding consumables in the international market. Some welding consumables companies have adopted vicious competition methods of "low cost, low quality, and low price". Therefore, in recent years, many domestic users have reported some The quality of ordinary welding consumables such as 422 welding rod has not improved, but has deteriorated.

Foreign markets reflect that the ordinary welding consumables exported by some Chinese enterprises are "low-quality parallel imports". Although the price is cheap, the quality is not good. It can only be used in secondary projects, which has a bad influence on the image of my country's "welding consumables."

4. Promote cooperation with steel mills to solve the problem of shortage of welding wire varieties

The main bottleneck in the development of welding consumables in my country is that the variety and quality of gas shielded solid wire and submerged arc welding solid wire cannot meet market demand. Including various strength levels of high-strength steel welding wire, heat-resistant steel welding wire, low-temperature steel welding wire, atmospheric corrosion-resistant steel welding wire, stainless steel welding wire, etc.

As for the so-called non-coppered welding wire introduced by domestic and foreign manufacturers, it should be called special coated welding wire. Due to the different coating composition and surface treatment methods of each manufacturer, the performance of the welding wire is also different. The high-performance coating and surface treatment process not only play the role of rust prevention and lubrication, no copper fume is generated during welding, but also can improve the arc stability of the welding wire and reduce welding spatter. At present, domestic and foreign manufacturers are still improving the coating and surface treatment process of this welding wire. It is expected that the combination of this kind of welding wire and the digital inverter welding machine that accurately controls the arc transition can achieve high-efficiency, low-spatter high-current CO2 welding, and achieve the process effect equivalent to flux-cored wire welding, which is the future development direction.

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