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Nano ceramics enhance the performance of tungsten alloys


Tungsten and its alloys have the advantages of high melting point, outstanding high temperature strength, good thermal vibration resistance, and radiation protection. They are widely used in high-tech fields such as aerospace, defense and military industry, medical equipment, electro-optical energy, etc., and are important in the national economy. Strategically, nano-ceramics use nano-powders to modify existing ceramics. 

Nano ceramics enhance the performance of tungsten alloys

By adding or generating nano-scale particles, whiskers, wafer fibers, etc. At the nanometer level, the strength, toughness and superplasticity of the material are greatly improved. Based on this, under the support of the National Natural Science Foundation and national, provincial and municipal projects, Henan University of Science and Technology has led a number of scientific research institutions and industry backbone enterprises to establish the "Henan Provincial Industrial Innovation Strategic Alliance for Advanced Equipment and Processing Technology of Tungsten and Molybdenum Materials" (hereinafter referred to as “Tungsten and Molybdenum Industry Alliance”), after years of research, the alliance took the lead in preparing a new generation of self-generated nano-ceramic particles reinforced high-performance tungsten alloys by co-precipitation-co-decomposition method. Through the evaluation of the expert group, it was agreed that the product and other related technical indicators reached International advanced level.

This technology uses soluble tungsten salts and nitrates as raw materials, through liquid-liquid mixing, co-precipitation, co-decomposition, combined with powder metallurgy technology to develop a new generation of tungsten alloys, and through ceramic particle strengthening, nano-preparation and synthesis technology, from The problem of coarse and uneven distribution of ceramic particles added in the traditional way is fundamentally solved. At the same time, through the crystallization, sintering and hot pressing technology, the tungsten grains are refined, and the tungsten matrix interface is well combined, which significantly improves the strength, hardness, thermal vibration resistance and high temperature wear resistance of the tungsten alloy, and puts the tungsten alloy into service The service life is greatly improved, which broadens the application range of tungsten alloys.

According to reports, since the establishment of the Tungsten and Molybdenum Industry Alliance, it has vigorously carried out original technology research and new product research and development, promoted the optimization and upgrading of the industry, solved a number of technical problems, and produced a number of scientific research results, making my country in the field of tungsten and molybdenum materials research and development The advantageous position has greatly promoted the structural upgrading of my country's tungsten deep processing industry.

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