Application of sandblasting technology in auto parts industry

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Application of sandblasting technology in auto parts industry


As my country's automobile industry has ushered in a golden period of development; the rapid development of the automobile industry, the proportion of the auto parts industry in the automobile manufacturing industry is increasing, and the good production and sales conditions of the automobile market are the driving force of the auto parts industry. 

Application of sandblasting technology in auto parts industry

Our country is in the growth period of auto parts. Due to the high quality requirements of the auto parts industry, most of the parts need to be surface sandblasted, shot peened, etc.; such as: steering wheel steering shaft, universal joint (ball cage), Transmission shafts, connecting rods, clutches, brake pads, gearbox ring gears, gears, turbocharger housings, turbocharger impellers, shock absorbers, brake pedals, door and window decoration materials, etc.

 These auto parts can be strengthened by shot peening to improve fatigue resistance. This technology has been widely used in foreign countries. At present, some domestic military enterprises and advanced manufacturers are gradually adopting this process method, simple equipment and easy process. The cost of promotion is not high. By applying pressure on the surface of the blank (or even the finished product), it can eliminate the superficial defects of the parts, build a surface strengthening layer, and save the surface stress-free state, so as to further tap the strength potential of the material and prolong the service life of the parts. benefit.

Such as: special sandblasting cleaning equipment for automobile drive shaft

 The drive shaft is an important part of the transmission of power in the automobile driveline. Its function is to transmit the power of the engine to the wheels together with the gearbox and drive axle, so that the automobile generates driving force.

Production process: rough bar stock — rough turning — fitter (deburring) — inspection — heat treatment — sandblasting — fine turning — fitter — finished product inspection — surface treatment (hair blue)

Equipment characteristics and application scope:

This equipment is a full-automatic sandblasting machine dedicated to the drive shaft of the engine, which has reached the international advanced level.

This equipment realizes the unmanned operation of automatic feeding, automatic sandblasting, and automatic unloading.

The safety, environmental protection and humanized design of this equipment completely meets and exceeds the standards of the "Honda Enterprise Specification".

All the gas circuit, sand circuit and circuit faults of this equipment are all monitored by computer and automatically alarmed.

The appearance and details of this device have also been unanimously approved by "a company".

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