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3D printer "omnipotent"


Today's 3D printers are almost "omnipotent", from aerospace, biotechnology, to traditional industrial manufacturing, medical assistance, to daily necessities and personal DIY. In the field of high-tech industry and commerce, 3D printing has already played a pivotal role and is widely used. However, in the civilian market, 3D printing is still at the stage of thunderstorms, although there are many domestic 3D printers of high quality, good price and easy to use in China. So, how far is 3D printing going to be popularized by all people?

3D printer omnipotent

According to a report by McKinsey, additive manufacturing (3D printing) ranks ninth among the 12 technologies that have a disruptive impact on human life, ahead of new materials and shale gas, and predicts that by 2020, global additive manufacturing The market scale of manufacturing can reach a benefit of US$550 billion. It can be seen that with the rapid growth of 3D printing, the era of universal 3D printing is not far away. However, it is worth pondering that there are still many constraints in the current domestic 3D printing market that affect the popularization of the industry.

Material factors

Material technology is the core of 3D printing technology, which directly restricts the development process of 3D printing, and is also the key to comprehensive popularization. At present, there are few 3D printing materials available in the world, and PLA materials are the most used, with 37.1% of applications. In terms of industrial production applications, compared with traditional manufacturing, the choice of materials for 3D printing is limited. Many materials we see in daily life cannot be printed. In addition, different 3D printers need to use different Materials, there is no uniform standard for materials, which has an impact on the development of 3D printers and the use of users. Therefore, only R&D and innovation of more new 3D printing materials can accelerate the 3D printing industry and promote the popularization of 3D printing into the fast lane.

Software factor

In the process of use, users feel that it is easy to get started, with low technical barriers and low complexity, in order to bring users a better experience and promote 3D printing more generally. In terms of software, 3D printing requires the operator to construct a digital model with appropriate volume and proportion through 3D software. To print what you want, you need to build a 3D model in your computer. To achieve this process, you need to design your own 3D. Drawings, learn 3D modeling software, but this is not very easy.

Price factor

Higher prices have always been the threshold for the "general public". The price of the first 3D printer is 15,000. If you want to popularize 3D printers, the civilian price is a must. As the leading brand of domestic 3D printers, we are also actively promoting the popularization of 3D printers. We only make 3D printers that the public can afford and use with confidence. By providing stable and continuous products and high-quality services, and accelerating investment in research and development, we promote 3D printers are more people-friendly.

Dr. Schuler of Engineering at the Technical University of Berlin once pointed out, “To achieve the long-term development of the 3D printing industry, we must work hard in core technology research, industry standard formulation, and industry chain improvement. In the medical field, in addition to solving For technical issues, we must also pay attention to people's psychological acceptance and recognition."

In fact, the 3D printing that is sweeping the world is not only a disruptive manufacturing technology, but also a national strategy. Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea, etc. are all deploying, and it is no exception in China. A number of policies have been introduced to support 3D printing. Among them, in the "Made in China 2025" plan, the reasons, direction and path of the development of 3D printing are pointed out from the macro and meso perspectives, so that my country can seize the international technology high ground in the field of 3D printing and create manufacturing in the new round of industrial revolution. Powerful nations provided a programme of action.

To sum up, the editor believes that with the increase in national policy support, the continuous innovation of domestic enterprises, and the iterative progress of 3D printing technology, these limiting factors will not last for a long time, even in the near future. They will also become the core advantage of China's 3D printing industry!

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