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The latest launch of the swing welding head Wobbler


According to news on October 16th, IPG recently launched the Wobbler swing welding head. With the continuous evolution of laser technology, new challenges have been ongoing to combine the advantages of lasers in metal welding applications; this design is used to improve the previous laser The quality of Hejie and the problems with the surface of the weld.

The latest launch of the swing welding head Wobbler

At the same time, the laser beam swing is combined with the welding seam tracking technology. When the welding seam position changes, the lateral position of the welding head can be adjusted, and on high-reflection materials, this welding head with swing function can also provide superior welding quality , The standard welding head is designed to focus the collimated laser beam to the required spot size, and keep the beam path static during the beam transmission process, presenting a static spot on the focal plane. This standard configuration causes each setting to be limited to specific applications.

In contrast, the swing welding head integrates scanning galvanometer technology in the standard welding head. By using an internal reflector to move the beam, the focal spot is no longer static, and the shape, amplitude and frequency of various patterns can be changed. To dynamically adjust. The frequency setting that provides the best results depends on the spot size, swing diameter, and linear welding speed.

When a smaller laser spot is used, the benefits of this weaving welding method are more obvious. When using near-infrared (NIR) wavelengths, the smaller light spot achieves a huge power density, overcomes the high reflectivity of materials such as copper and aluminum, thereby forming a stable state with a wide processing window, and is using the best swing When setting parameters, avoid the generation of pores and cracks. This opens up new applications for infrared fiber lasers in the fields of electric vehicles and battery manufacturing, eliminating the possible need for frequency-doubled green lasers.

Manufacturers of various types of metal materials often need to weld various parts, which requires welding equipment to have a certain degree of flexibility to meet the unique welding requirements of each part. Changing the swing diameter can change the welding width and penetration without changing any optical configuration or the size of the light beam. For a constant energy input, as the swing amplitude increases, the shape of the weld seam changes from the traditional nail head shape to a rectangle. This control allows customized welding cross-sections. For example, it can be used in the welding of battery connectors of high-power battery packs to produce a larger welding contact area, thereby reducing the resistance in the welding joint and providing good mechanical connection performance .

As another example, when welding dissimilar materials such as copper and aluminum in an overlapping manner, the dilution rate of the material can be controlled by controlling the penetration depth. Through the shallow melting of the lower metal flakes, the amount of molten material can be reduced to a minimum, and the dilution can be controlled to reduce the generation of intermetallic compounds, and there is no need to use filler materials.

Generally, traditional laser welding requires high-precision fixture preparation, but in many cases, the parts that need to be welded are not really clamped to the ideal position. The beam swing technology can greatly reduce the clamping requirements for these parts to be soldered. The acceptable weld gap and offset for swing welding are 2 to 3 times that of general laser welding.

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