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3D printed drones for efficient planting


Nowadays, 3D printing technology is permeating people's lives "pervasively", and 3D printers can be applied to almost every segment of the market. In the field of drone manufacturing, 3D printers are gaining popularity with their unique advantages.

3D printed drones for efficient planting

With the development of science and technology, the application of drones is becoming more and more diversified and widely used in many different fields. The rapid development of 3D printing technology has occupied an increasingly important technical position in the manufacturing process of drones. Compared with traditional manufacturing, 3D printed drones have incomparable advantages, and some foreign companies have begun to use 3D printed drones. It is believed that in the future, 3D printing can be a solution to start amazing and useful projects.

The advantages of using 3D printing technology to make drones

1. Save time

Time saving is one of the main advantages of 3D printing. Due to the possibility of iteration, time can be saved in the prototyping process. But design work can also save time in the production process. Redesign will be a solution to create fewer but more optimized parts, and the entire manufacturing process can be reduced by using this 3D technology.

2. Create technical parts

To create a drone, one must choose a precise technology that can create technical but lightweight parts. With the development of multi-material 3D printing technology, which integrates different raw materials, additive manufacturing provides a large number of technology and material options for manufacturing projects.

3. Expand production

When using online 3D printing technology, there is no need to store parts, just order parts when needed, and then prototype design and production can be carried out. In this way, you can start using high-quality digital inventory and stop wasting space.

Svarmi uses 3D printing technology to improve the manufacturing process of drones

Svarmi, a foreign company, said: "The product development process usually starts with defining constraints. Usually, manufacturing constraints are an important factor. Through 3D printing, people don't need to think too much about how to manufacture, and can save up to 30% of the initial conceptual design time. In In the design process, by reducing the number of components that need to be designed or purchased, and the restrictions that can be designed are much less than those of 3D parts such as milling, you can save more time, up to 40%, not to mention the time saved in the CAM process. "

3D printed drones for efficient planting and rapid restoration of forest resources

In foreign countries, DroneSeeds has created a fleet of drones. 3D printed drones can plant trees cheaper and more efficiently to help restore fire-ravaged areas and quickly restore forest resources. They are using 3D printing to expand their manufacturing production.

The company used 3D printing consumables PLA and Multi Jet Fusion PA12 to actually create complex parts that allowed them to find alternatives to injection molding.

The company actually created complex parts in the process of manufacturing drones, but by using 3D printing consumables PLA and Multi Jet Fusion PA12, it easily solved the problem of many parts requiring injection molding.

The entire fleet of DroneSeeds needs 350 parts when designing drones. The use of 3D printing technology can optimize the design, obtain 3D files, and print out many parts needed. It is also possible to reconstruct the entire structure of the drone to achieve a perfect balance between power and weight.

It is understood that the output value of the global additive manufacturing (3D printing) industry has reached 9.795 billion US dollars last year, an increase of 33.5% year-on-year. Among them, the output value of additive manufacturing components accounted for 12%, and the application of additive manufacturing has gradually shifted from design to direct manufacturing, which means that it has reached the real industrialization stage.

The global additive manufacturing industry has achieved rapid growth. According to its statistics, the output value of the global additive manufacturing industry in 2018 has reached 9.795 billion US dollars. "Although this magnitude is not a particularly large number in the entire large industrial chain, it has increased year-on-year. In three years, this growth rate has reached 24.4%. It is difficult for other industries to achieve such high growth when economic development is slowing down."

In the future, it will promote the large-scale application of 3D printing in industrial medical education and other fields. Efforts should be made to improve innovation capabilities, promote industrial applications, create industrial clusters, and deepen international cooperation to break through the bottlenecks in core technologies such as professional materials and process equipment.

As a representative disruptive technology in the manufacturing industry, additive manufacturing will have a profound impact on traditional technological processes, production lines, factory models, and industrial chain combinations. It has become one of the important drivers of a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation. It has become the consensus of major countries in the world to continue to promote the innovative development of the additive manufacturing industry.

He said that in this context, the global additive manufacturing industry has achieved rapid growth. According to his statistics, the global additive manufacturing industry output value has reached 9.795 billion U.S. dollars in 2018, "although this magnitude is not special in the entire large industrial chain A big number, but it has grown by 33.5% year-on-year. From the perspective of three years, this growth rate has reached 24.4%. It is difficult for other industries to achieve such high growth when economic development is slowing down."

According to statistics from the China Additive Manufacturing Industry Alliance on 40 key enterprises, the output value of the key enterprises of the alliance has reached 4.063 billion yuan in 2018, a year-on-year increase of 23.8%. Qu Guochun pointed out that looking forward to the future, my country's additive manufacturing industry has rare development opportunities, but still faces many challenges. For example, further breakthroughs are needed in core technologies such as professional materials and process equipment, and standard systems and safety regulations need to be improved. , It needs to be expanded in terms of business model and application fields.

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