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New 3D printing materials increase the output of photocatalytic hydrogen production


On July 18, the reporter learned that the top journal in the field of interface materials research "ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces" published online, Dr. Yoann de Rancourt de Mimérand, a French professional teacher in the research group of Professor Guo Jia of Wuhan Institute of Technology Important research progress in the field of catalysis. The paper is entitled "Photoactive hybrid materials with fractal designs produced via 3D printing and plasma grafting technologies". The first author is Dr. Yoann de Rancourt de Mimérand, and the second author is Li Kun, a graduate student of 2017 at the School of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences; The only communication unit.

New 3D printing materials increase the output of photocatalytic hydrogen production

Yoann de Rancourt de Mimerand, male, born in December 1987, French nationality. Teacher of the School of Chemical Engineering and Pharmacy of Wuhan Institute of Technology, mainly engaged in the research of materials science. In 2007, he graduated from Clermont-Ferrand Engineering University (Clermont-Ferrand) with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry; in 2010, he graduated with a master’s degree in materials engineering and molecular chemistry from the University of Burgundy, France; Major in Materials Chemistry and Physical Chemistry at Montpellier University. From January to December 2014, he was engaged in post-doctoral research in wastewater treatment at the European Membrane Institute (France). Leading research project: Research on photocatalytic hydrogen production of plasma-modified 3D "printed" polymer grafted nano-zinc oxide core-shell particles.

This paper aims to explore the specific application potential of fractal geometry in the field of materials science. The polymer fractal structure manufactured by 3D printing technology, through plasma grafting technology, prints a highly ordered substrate that provides an important surface area for immobilizing nano-catalyst particles. The two fractal units, fractal pyramid and fractal cone, are explored, and a large number of fractal pyramids are characterized. A variety of complex superstructures are further studied through decomposition units. Based on the above theoretical model, the three-dimensional structure is designed using Computer Aided Design (CAD). On the basis of the CAD model, fused deposition technology is used to "print" a porous polymer matrix with a fractal structure using polylactic acid as a consumable. Using a combination of core-shell synthesis and plasma grafting, nano-zinc oxide was successfully coated on a polylactic acid substrate. The contact area between the catalytic surface of the catalyst and the reaction medium is increased, thereby increasing the output of photocatalytic hydrogen production.

The innovation of this research and its scientific significance lies in the use of zinc oxide photocatalytic activity to produce hydrogen; design and 3D "print" a polymer matrix with a fractal structure to increase the photocatalytic reaction area; the first combination of core-shell technology and plasma grafting technology And 3D printing technology has obtained functional composites. The photocatalyst has been improved in terms of geometry, size and microstructure to increase the efficiency of hydrogen production.

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