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The 15th China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition opened grandly in Shanghai


On July 10, the China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition, which celebrates its 15th anniversary, grandly opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Mr. Chen Quanxun, President of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, Mr. Zheng Zhisheng, President of Reed Exhibitions Greater China, Mr. Jiang Chuan, Division of Raw Material Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Aluminum Group, Deputy Mayor of Binzhou City, Shandong Innovative Metal Technology, Nobel Leaders from Liz (China), International Aluminum Association, Global Aluminum Foil Manufacturers Initiative, and Japan Aluminum Association attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition. 

The 15th China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition opened grandly in Shanghai

The total exhibition area of this grand event reached 45,000 square meters, attracting more than 600 well-known exhibitors from more than 30 countries and regions around the world. At the same time, there will be more than 25,000 professional visitors and buyers to visit and purchase.

Three exhibitions on the same stage staged different "plays"

On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition, the second Asian Automotive Lightweight Exhibition and 2019 Logistics and Commercial Vehicle Innovation Forum and Exhibition will be held at the same time. The three exhibitions were held at the same time, which was quite interesting.

China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition continues to display new materials, new technologies, new applications, new concepts and new trends in the aluminum industry, and assumes the mission of insight into the changes of the times, grasping market opportunities, and leading the development of the industry. The 2nd Asian Automotive Lightweight Exhibition not only showcases the application of various advanced lightweight materials in automotive vehicles and parts, but also presents the development status and trends of cutting-edge processing technology. The first logistics and commercial vehicle innovation development forum and exhibition focused on the field of logistics and commercial vehicles. The aim is to allow more logistics companies to fully understand the various automobile manufacturers in logistics transportation equipment, parts and components companies that support the entire vehicle, and are concerned about the logistics field to increase cargo efficiency, increase cargo capacity, reduce fuel consumption, energy conservation and environmental protection. Topics, as well as the latest breakthroughs and achievements in research and development; at the same time, it also helps various auto manufacturers and parts supporting enterprises to learn more about the market demand for lightweight technology from logistics companies and users.

The three exhibitions are staged at the same time, simultaneously and on the same stage, in order to better adapt to the development trend of the ever-expanding scale of the exhibition, the continuous increase of exhibition products, and the increasingly rich display information. The entire industry chain meets the needs of all parties for participation and viewing.

Highlights superimposed, presenting different and wonderful

"Automotive Lightweight Process Technology and Related Material Innovation Application Forum" starts from the automotive lightweight processing technology and technology, and invites outstanding automotive companies in the field of new energy energy terminal applications, including Chery, Ai Chi, and BAIC, to focus on current lightweight hot topics and corporate concerns Discussions on hot issues have brought technological innovation and development ideas to the industry. The "2019 China Logistics and Commercial Vehicle Innovation and Development Forum" forum attracted more than 300 professional audiences to face-to-face exchanges and dialogues with industry leaders, share the industry's cutting-edge operation models and technological innovations, and fully witness the industry established by the "China Logistics Capacity Club" pioneering. "Aluminum Alloy in Consumer Electronic Products Appearance Demand and Application Forum" invites leading companies in the industry such as Hefei Meiling and Shenzhen Jiajian to discuss the unlimited development possibilities of the electronic market with aluminum processing companies. Conduct in-depth discussions and bold innovations on the appearance design, current market demand and trends of aluminum alloys in consumer electronic products.

The Aluminum Packaging and Sustainability Forum held on the afternoon of the 10th invited the International Aluminum Association (IAI), the Aluminum Industry Management Initiative (ASI), the Global Aluminum Foil Manufacturers Initiative (GLAFRI), and the leaders and relevant persons in charge of packaging application companies. , To discuss the significance of aluminum packaging for sustainable development.

In recent years, with the continuous high-level development of the aluminum industry and the continuous innovation and expansion of downstream applications, some aluminum industry segments have been able to grow and expand rapidly. In this exhibition, the "Aluminum Packaging Exhibition Area" and the "Lightweight Innovation Achievement Exhibition Area" are two accurately positioned display areas, showing the new atmosphere of the aluminum industry.

The aluminum packaging exhibition area focuses on the products and applications of aluminum materials in packaging, involving many aspects of household aluminum foil, packaging aluminum foil and aluminum foil industrial technology applications. At the same time, the European Aluminum Foil Innovation Award products and domestic top aluminum packaging products were jointly unveiled, concentrating on sharing the leading packaging processing technology at home and abroad. The lightweight innovation achievement exhibition area brings together 29 outstanding enterprises, focusing on displaying the most cutting-edge outstanding innovative products and applications in the field of automotive lightweighting, sharing high-tech and cutting-edge automotive lightweight technology and cutting-edge technologies, and demonstrating the "high-precision performance of aluminum in the field of automotive lightweighting". "Pointy" effect.

In order to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary, this exhibition launched a series of activities to celebrate the 15th anniversary. W3 has set up a special exhibition area for the 15th anniversary retrospective. Through video and 15-year major event timeline display, it sorts out the 15-year development of the exhibition and tells the story of the aluminum industry in detail and affectionately.

At the same time, the aluminum foil dress display in the aluminum and art exhibition area of W3 Hall attracted a large number of audiences to stop. All the dresses are made by a well-known German designer. The whole dress is made of aluminum foil. The shape is elegant and well tailored, which is very eye-catching. Coupled with the vivid interpretation of the model, the aluminum foil dress is more beautiful. Other aluminum artworks in the aluminum and art exhibition area also fully demonstrate the application innovations downstream of the industrial chain, providing new ideas for the sustainable development of aluminum materials.

Gathering of famous companies, full of stars

This exhibition occupies the four major exhibition halls W1-W4 of Shanghai New International Expo Center, and for the first time, the whole hall of W1-W3 is opened. More than 600 well-known exhibitors gathered here, and various theme forums and activities during the exhibition were also held here.

Fourteen years of experience has enabled China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition to grow in innovation. Standing at the starting point of the 15th anniversary, the brand influence of the exhibition remains the same, but innovation does not stop or slacken at all. In 2019, China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition is still full of new ideas, with many things to watch.

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